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They say a smile is worth a thousand words. But, I’m convinced that a white smile is priceless. Recently, I partnered with Smile Brilliant and was given a teeth-whitening kit in exchange for an honest review. In this blog post I’m going to share all about my teeth whitening at home experience, using Smile Brilliant. From start to finish. And, let you see for yourself the difference this whitening kit has made, in my smile!

A Brief History of My Smile

Thanks to braces, I wear a fairly confident smile. My teeth aren’t perfectly straight, nor are they perfectly white. But, just like braces, a teeth-whitening-system can help improve the appearance of a smile. Especially if you are a coffee-lover, as I am! Even though I’m down to drinking just one cup of coffee, a day, I still notice my teeth becoming less and less white, over time.

I’ve never had whitening done at the dentist. In the past, I tried Crest Whitening strips, and while they seemed to make a nice improvement, I do recall my teeth becoming extremely sensitive. It was reason enough for me to decide not to use them again. (It kinda felt like I was biting into ice cream. That’s how uncomfortable the sensitivity would feel.) I think it’s been at least five years since I’ve done any type of whitening process, on my teeth.

First Impressions of Smile Brilliant

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical to try Smile Brilliant’s whitening system. On one hand I started to notice a difference in the color of my teeth. Especially my lower teeth! But, I did not want to experience the uncomfortableness of teeth sensitivity! I figured, what did I have to lose? Worst case scenario, I would just stop using it and give it away. But, then I found out that Smile Brilliant provides a remedy (and preventative formula) for teeth sensitivity! At that point, I became 100% on board to give it a try.

The Smile Brilliant Kit is really cool. I felt like a dentist, creating my own teeth impressions. I didn’t expect the process to be as easy as it was. The paste (which feels like play dough) was odorless and tasteless. It only took about 5 minutes to get make my impressions. And, within a week or so I received my own set of personalized whitening trays.

Teeth Whitening at Home
Teeth Whitening at Home

The first time I wore the trays (which are like soft plastic) I put way too much whitening gel on! It oozed out and honestly, I almost gagged. But, then I read the directions more carefully and realized that it only required one fourth of the gel that is in each vile. Second try, was so much better.

Speaking of directions, here are a couple key points that were sent to me, along with my kit:

  • Use only 1/3-1/4 of a syringe per session
  • You DO NOT need to use all the gels that came in your kit: most people only need 7-12 whitening sessions (2-3 syringes) to see their full results!
    • The extra gels will stay good for 1 year at room temperature or 2 years refrigerated
  • Brush your teeth with only water before whitening
  • Gum sensitivity is normal! Coat your gums with Vaseline or coconut oil to prevent this
  • Whiten daily or every other day if possible for best results!
  • It’s best to whiten for 45 minutes – 3 hours per session
    • Start at the lower end of this range to gauge your comfort level and sensitivity

It’s not uncomfortable wearing the trays, whatsoever. Sometimes, I’ll even forget that I had them in! But, the best part is that I never used the sensitizing gel. This is recommended for anyone with teeth sensitivity. You simply refill the trays with a second gel and wear them again for a few minutes, to help prevent sensitivity. I was curious to see if I even needed to do this. Sure enough, even after several uses, my teeth weren’t sensitive at all!

Since everyone has a different tolerance, I would suggest just starting out easy. The first few days, I only kept the trays in for about five to ten minutes. I even skipped a day, here and there, the first week. The second week, I wore the trays for about 45 minutes. (You can wear them up to three hours, but I did not even need to go more than the 45 minutes.)

And, by that point I was seeing results!

Results from Smile Brilliant

Teeth Whitening at Home
Teeth Whitening at Home

Coincidently, I had my six month check up at my dentist, after the first week and a half of using Smile Brilliant. My hygienist even commented that I did not need to do too much. She noticed an improvement from my prior check-up visit! Her recommendation was to continue a little while longer, on my bottom teeth, since they were less white than my top teeth, even from the get-go.

So, here we are after three weeks of using Smile Brilliant. (I skipped at least six days, so it was a choppy three weeks.) As you can see, my top teeth are whiter than before. And, my bottom teeth are a LOT whiter than before!

Teeth Whitening at Home
Teeth Whitening at Home

I most certainly would recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone who wanted to whiten and brighten their smile. I think it’s so important for our confidence, to wear the brightest smile we can. Smile Brilliant offers a fully effective system that delivers fast results at a fraction of the price (that most dentist’s will charge). It’s also convenient to do this at home. When the syringes run out, all you need to do is reorder a new supply from their website!

Promo Code & GIVEAWAY!

I’m so glad they asked me to try their product, because now I get to offer my readers a 15% Off (with promo code: lewoman15), along with a chance to win a Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit to one of YOU! That’s a $149 Retail Value! Simply visit their website, via this link, to enter this giveaway. And, if you have any questions, whatsoever about this product, leave your question, below. I’ll be sure to get an answer for you ASAP.

Teeth Whitening System

So, tell me, how much is a white and bright smile worth to you?

Rachel Scheyer

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