Sunglasses ~ Trends and Sales for Spring and Summer

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What’s not to love about sunglasses? They protect our eyes from the sun and literally keep us safe on the roads. They conceal our no-makeup, no-sleep, and/or no-desire to expose our eyes in public. And, most importantly they compliment our look and style.

It’s important to know how to select the best pair of shades for your face, your style, and your need. Here are a few top trends for Spring and Summer 2018.

1. Embellished! Think diamonds (rhinestones), pearls, any kind of bling- bling. There’s generally more real estate in the shape of sunglasses, these days. So why not go to town with some extravagant decor?

Embellished Sunglasses

2.) Color-tinted! Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Choose your favorite color or the color that best suits your wardrobe.

Tinted sunglass

3.) Retro Cat Eye! Feminine. Sexy. And fun!

Cat eye sunglasses

4. Ski- shaped. How fun, right? Now, you can wear them all year!

Oakley sunglasses

Ok, so now that you haves some ideas on trends, have a look at these top sales on all four styles of sunglasses…

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