Summer 2019 ~ Fashion DUPES

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I’ve written a few blog posts, recently, on fashion pieces and their much less expensive counterpart. I think there are a lot of variables to consider, when it comes to style and fashion. Personally, I look for specific qualities in fashion pieces over the fact that they are merely “on trend”. But, here are some heavy-hitter items, that are undeniably popular, right now. Along with their much-less-expensive twin. Some of these pairs look so identical (with similar quality) that it’s a NO-Brainer. Of course, you can be the judge. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Fashion Dupes for the Summer 2019 season

Fashion Dupe Examples

Summer 2019 Fashion Dupes
This suit was purchased from CUPSHE.
All of their styles are fun, pretty, and affordable!

Last spring, I fell in love with a bathing suit that I first spotted, on the Anthropologie website. It is GORGEOUS and still available for $110. It just so happens that I was in no mood to spend over $100 for a bathing suit, and so I was elated upon finding a very similar style for less than $30! (I’m wearing it, in the picture above. It’s not identical, and the quality is most likely not as good. BUT, I get bored of wearing the same bathing suit year after year. So, the fact that I’m already wearing this for two years? I’m HAPPY to have saved the money. This is a great example on when to look for a DUPE.

Summer 2019 Fashion Dupes
The Anthropologie Bathing Suit
This fedora hat is made by Rag & Bone. It retails for $230.

I haven’t always found or purchased the DUPE over the designer version. (And, YES. Being a fashion blogger, I do have some perks in wearing pieces I wouldn’t normally buy.) The photo above, shows me wearing a popular hat by Rag & Bone. I love it because it fits better than just any fedora hat and it really is made to last. But, $230 is rather expensive for a hat!

The hat below is so similar, it’s scary. It has great ratings, and for $15.99 who would’t at least want to try it!?

Summer 2019 Fashion Dupes
This Fedora hat looks identical to the Rag & Bone hat. BUT, it’s $15.99!

One more example…

Summer 2019 Fashion Dupes
This bag gets more attention than anything else I’ve ever worn! It’s the DUPE version of the Cult Gaia Bamboo bag.

Ok, call me crazy. But, bamboo is bamboo. If you can grab a dupe version of a bamboo bag that is identical…(And well made. NOT ALL the dupes of this bag are highly rated!) Why wouldn’t you save yourself the money? Is it really necessary to have the name on this bag? By the way, I love bamboo bags, period! I love them in all shapes and colors. Needless to say, I use this bag almost every time I go out. On vacation or during the spring and summer!

I think, by now, you get the idea. Obviously, some things are worth the investment. (Jewelry, bags, hats, and shoes are the pieces that deserve a little more of an investment, because they are worn so much!) But, there’s no reason why those, who are not in a position to invest, should be missing out on GREAT FASHION! Am I right? Amen!

So, let’s get to my picks. These are all highly rated twins (some more “identical” than their counterparts) that are much less expensive! Check out the comparisons, below. And, let me know which ones are your favorites, in the comment section!

Happy Fashion Dupe Shopping!

Summer 2019 ~ Fashion Dupes

Summer 2019 ~ Fashion Dupes
Rachel Scheyer

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