2019 Spring Fashion Trends & Affordable Ideas

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Each season brings about new temperatures, activities, and you guessed it…Fashion trends! Personally, I never feel obligated to partake in fashion trends. Unless they are practical, fun, and affordable! In this post, I’m going to share the 2019 Spring Fashion Trends that I think are worthwhile. (Yes, there are a lot of trends, but I try to select the most practical ones for regular gals, like you and me! I’ll also share some affordable options, for each trend. With different price points. Ya ready??

1.) The Fanny Pack (Aka Belt Bag)

Talk about practical! Next to the backpack, I am absolutely loving the notion of devoting my two arms solely to mom-duties! But, if you don’t mind, I’d rather refer to these bags as belt bags. (There’s nothing chic about the word, fanny. LOL)

You don’t have to be a mommy to appreciate the belt bag. Before, they were only considered for traveling. (Still, a must. In my book!) This spring, however, you’ll be seeing them everywhere!

I love looking at all the different designer looks. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You can go sporty or dressy. You can snag one for twenty bucks or two hundred. (Designer) 

2019 Spring Fashion Trends

Jumpsuit  /  Belt Bag  /  Sneakers /  Luggage

2019 Spring Fashion Trends

Luggage  /  Pom Pom Tote Bag  /  Marc Jacobs Belt Bag

  Earrings  /  Flip Flops (similar)

Skirt  /  Sweater  /  Belt BagShoes  /  Earrings  /  Sunglasses 

2.) Transparent Accessories & Shoes

Ok, so I get the transparent shoes. They go with just about everything! (See, below.) But, the transparent handbags? I guess they’d be cute for the beach. I’m just not too keen on showing all of the contents off, in my purse! Nevertheless, just about anything with a transparent quality, will fit the bill. 

2019 Fashion Trends

Tank  /  Joggers  /  Transparent HeelsEarrings 

Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends

3.) Polka Dots

Polka dots are so fun! I think they can be so feminine, too. You can go subtle or bold, with polka dots. I prefer subtle. With a solid piece to break it up. It doesn’t have to be apparel. You can do polka dot shoes or accessories, as well! I’ll provide lots of options, below. 

2019 Spring Trends

Skirt  /  Sweatshirt  / Watch 

4.) Utility Jumpsuit

In the fall, it was the utility jacket. Now, you will be seeing utility jackets, and jumpsuits, and rompers! Think a lot of pockets. And, the juxtaposition of a utility jumpsuit with heels is so chic and fun! I’ve linked a bunch of options, below. 

2019 Spring Fashion

5.) Puffed Sleeves

Not exactly a new trend, the puff sleeve is making an even greater statement this spring! Why? Because puffed sleeves look a lot better on blouses and a lighter weight fabric. (Unlike knits and sweaters, etc.) I love this one because again, it’s feminine. And, fun! Spring Fashion Trends

This white jumpsuit, in particular, is probably my favorite piece. (Next to the Marc Jacobs belt bag.) If there is one thing you invest in to add to your spring wardrobe, this should be it. Why? It’s under $100. ($99, to be exact.) It addresses a few spring trends in one. The puff sleeve. The utility look. You can pair it with polka dot accessories, just perfectly. AND, it’s very similar to a white suit. Which is one of several other spring fashion trends that you’ll be seeing this season. 

Here are a bunch of my picks, on the puff sleeve! 

There you have it! My top picks of 2019 Spring fashion trends. Like I said, there are more trends you’ll be seeing: The all-white suit. Fishnet fabrics. FEATHERS! Neons. Ruffles! Tie-dye. But, you should be selective. Don’t forget to go through your closet, first. You probably have some of these trends, at your finger tips. From there, pick your favorite trend and find something that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

Spring Fashion Trends

So, tell me. What is your favorite spring trend of 2019? Let me know in the comment section below!


Rachel Scheyer

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