Sofia Vergara at Walmart

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Some gals love wearing expensive clothes. Others like to look expensive at an affordable price. Sofia Vergara may be a celebrity who can afford expensive just-about-anything. Yet, thanks to the inspiration of her family, she has made it possible for women of all sizes and at all price points to enjoy wearing expensive looking clothes. If you haven’t checked out Sofia Vergara at Walmart, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Several months ago, I polled my audience on Instagram, and asked them which retailer they wanted me to explore, more often. Believe it or not, many women asked if I could find nice styles at WALMART! So, I set out to find clothes that were stylish, well-made, and affordable. This was just around the same time that Sofia Vergara launched her denim line at Walmart.

Sofia Vergara at Walmart

While her denim jeans are the highlight of her collection, I happened to discover that Sofia Vergara’s tops, pants, and dresses were equally exceptional! But, of course, I had to first try out the jeans. Her jeans come in ALL sizes. (0-20) And, a TON of styles. As you may have noticed, Sofia Vergara has a curvy figure (like most of us). Her jeans are flattering for all sizes.

But, the best part is that every pair is under $30!

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Since her original launch, Sofia Vergara has added a new collection for the summer and now fall season. I found a few pieces that stood out to me, and created some really chic looks.

Denim Corset Tank ~ Maxi Skirt ~ Lace up Bootie

A cross between edgy and feminine. I LOVE this combo. The denim tank is actually a stretch material. It’s very flattering and can be styled multiple ways. (Long sleeve body suit underneath…A button up collared shirt…) For $16 you cannot beat it! The maxi skirt ($18) comes in a variety of colors. This can be worn year round. And, those booties? How stinkin’ cute!? (Also comes in a few colors.)

Sofia Vergara at Walmart

Camo Set

These two camo pieces may not have been meant to wear as a set. They certainly look great with solid counterparts. But, if you haven’t noticed I personally gravitate towards looks that have a bit of edgy with a feminine touch. The cold shoulder ruffled top with crop joggers is unique and stylish! Not to mention, super versatile!

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse ~ Stripe Denim Jogger

Once again, a feminine blouse with this style of jeans, creates a unique, edgy look.

Python Print Denim Jacket

Are you seeing a pattern, yet? This python-print denim jacket, combined with a sleek sophisticated midi dress (actually purchased from Target) is another feminine-with-a-bit-of-edgy look. This is a common theme with Sofia Vergara’s styles at Walmart!

This jacket is made so well. And, at $32.50? It’s just too good to be true! (Check out Sofia’s Python Print Skinny Jeans for another option.)

Sofia Vergara at Walmart

Graphic Tee

At first I thought this was a mistake, but this adorable graphic tee is marked down to $3.99! Also comes in a mustard color. And, we all know by now, that graphic tees are so popular and versatile!

Sofia Vergara Walmart

So, which piece is your favorite? Which outfit stood out the most? Let me know in the comment section!

Rachel Scheyer