Replacing a Shed Wall

The House on High Street

This weekend, Scott replaced the side wall of the original Carriage House, which will now partly serve as a shed.  I was appointed his “helper”, and my niece Sarah spent the day with us taking these pictures.

It’s such an EXTRAordinary experience to take part in any type of RESTORATION.   Of course, there is much more that needs to be done to restore this entire building.  But, this particular project (replacing and painting the wall)  was very special to me. Firstly, it will serve as a beautiful memory of a special day with my niece and a reminder of what a great team my husband and I make.   Also, the more time I invest in The House on High Street, the more I am reminded of God’s wonderful blessings. There is so much beauty in the experience of taking something old…worn…abandoned…neglected and making it beautiful again.

The bible mentions “transformation” in many places.  I love this verse:  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

God can restore and replace broken hearts; broken relationships; broken bones; and yes, of course, broken buildings.  I’ve experienced all off these transformations, by now.  It’s amazing what God can do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics.  My niece is a great photographer.  Of course, she was hoping that Uncle Scott and Aunt Rae would have broken out into a full out paint war or to capture her Aunt Rae doing something silly on video!  But, Scott and I were very diligent and focused.  It was all about the Carriage House on that day.

Uncle Scott did all the bull work and mental work.  But, Aunt Rae was very helpful in holding the ladder, handing off materials, and helping out with the fun part…the painting!


**Here is a picture of the Carriage House.  The portion on the left side of where Scott is standing is the closed off section that will serve as a shed.  It was on the exterior side that the wall needed to be replaced.

LE Woman The House on High Street

**Here is the side of the Carriage House/Shed Portion before.

LE Woman

** Here it is after Scott removed all the planks.

LE Woman

**Here, Scott is lining up the first board.  LE Woman

**Here is where we are nailing it into place and using the screw-gun for some parts.  I LOVE using a SCREW GUN!

LE Woman

** Lining up the first board was not very easy.

LE Woman

LE Woman

LE Woman

LE Woman

LE Woman

**Last came the top few pieces that Scott had to cut to size. I got started on the painting, and Scott finished most of that, too.

LE Woman
I’m painting…and singing!

LE Woman LE Woman

LE Woman

**And the finished product!  Well, she still needs some trim boards around the edges and along the seams.  But, I think she’s on her way to an extraordinary renovation!
LE Woman

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  • April 23

    Looks good! I have to observe that you wore gloves to nail/screw and took them off to paint… where’s the close up of paint spattered hands 🙂
    There’s a market for that old wood if it’s not being used elsewhere…..even if it’s looking pretty rough, lots of crafters out there making ‘stuff’ out of it.
    I think Chris is putting some fb pictures of his man cave progress today, they should show up on my page fyi

    • April 25

      Maybe I didn’t get an ounce of paint on me! Ha, I wish. It’s fun going out for dinner after you’re done finishing a paint job…with RED paint on your hands, I might add. Scott’s not sure what he wants to do with that wood yet. He’ll hang on to whatever he can fit in storage…for future needs. That’s our deal! I’ll keep an eye out for the man cave!