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A while ago, I did a 4 week experiment eating clean. Basically, I prioritized my meals with foods that were in their purest state, and refused artificial ingredients and inorganic meat and produce. My diet basically followed this food pyramid (plus Tea & Agave Nectar for sweetener):


I felt really good, and I lost a few pounds. (One can lose more when calories are limited.) It wasn’t hard, but for some reason it didn’t last. I’m sure you can relate to this reality. It’s just so hard to sustain this kind of eating when everything around us is saturated with chemicals, sugar, enriched white flour, and steroids.

Typically, what happens is “life”. You’re invited to someone’s house for dinner. You have an affair to attend. You run out of time to prepare a salad. So, you reach for something in the pantry. Your cravings overwhelm you and you binge on anything sweet, salty, and/or crunchy. Or, the people you are surrounded with are not on board, thus making it hard to find support.

It became difficult for me to prepare one meal for myself and another for Scott. (Although, he’s starting to move away from the dark side!) Anyway, I went back to eating more liberally. Which for me, is probably still more healthy than the average American. (I may eat fast food or Chinese Food a few times a year, if that. I never drink soda. And, I cook home-made meals with olive oil and fresh ingredients.)

My weakness is sugar, dairy, pasta & breads, and red meat. I love my sweet, salty, or crunchy foods. I love cheese on just about everything. And, I can eat meat every day in some shape or form! (Bacon, turkey on a sandwich, a burger or tender piece of filet, etc.)

I never did lose that 10 pounds I wanted to lose. Even when I was eating clean. I was eating far more than I needed. But, I learned to adjust to my new size and shift my focus to staying toned and strong.

But, then came Banana. I became a mom, and I needed to make choices for another human being. After she was brought to us, I was appalled upon reading the ingredients in the baby formula that she was eating in the hospital. Number one ingredient? SUGAR! Followed by a bunch of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt and responsibility.

I thought about the reality of illnesses and conditions all around us. ADHD. Thyroid issues. Diabetes. Arthritis. Infertility and Hormonal Imbalances. Allergies. I’ve been a victim to most of these chronic health issues, and I’m not sure why (like most) I just accept it.

There’s a reason why I suffered with infertility. Why my reproductive system was “compromised”. Why I have Endometriosis, PMDD, Hypothyroid, etc. I certainly don’t want to end up with arthritis, diabetes, and more issues as I get older. I want to live to 100! (I’m being totally serious. That’s another post for another time.)

I want more for my baby. For as long as she is in my care, I want to give Banana the very best. And, that’s when and why this began to get far more serious than my amateur approach to clean eating for a measly 4 weeks, a few years ago. It’s for real, now.

Real Food. For Real.

I decided to delve the deepest I’ve ever traveled into the food industry. Since October, I’ve done a lot of research. I talked to a lot of people. And, yes. I switched Banana’s baby formula to something that is so much better. (Not as good as breast milk, though. Nothing is.)

Banana turns 6 months next week, and she’ll begin eating pureed foods. I want to give her the very best that I can. That being said, I thought I’d share some of the things that I am learning about food. I don’t think I need to remind my readers that I am not claiming to be an expert. This is an “experience” blog. So, I’m going to share things that I learn, and what I experience. Got it? Ok, then.

I’ll be providing some information in 4 posts. Here’s what’s coming soon…

Part I – Food and Ingredients to BAN immediately, if not sooner!

Part II – Food and Ingredient Replacements. (6 Food Alternatives)

Part III – How to eat real food in an artificially-saturated world.

Part IV – Teaching children about real food.

Are you interested? If so, I’d like to know! ; )

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