Random Acts of Kindness ~ 20 Ideas that are Short & Sweet!

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Some days I feel like I don’t have enough hours of the day to get everything accomplished. Other days, I feel burdened that I could be doing more. Blogging is something that I feel is my gift to share with others, while doing something I love and enjoy. But, it takes up a lot of time. I sometimes wonder if I should be doing something all together, different!

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day. (It’s February 19th this year, in case you didn’t know. Because I surely didn’t! lol) And, I figured it’d be a good time to reflect and brainstorm some ways we can make time to spread random acts of kindness. 

Random Acts of Kindness

We are living in tough times. It seems like every time I turn on the news I can feel the tension. It saddens me to see division, hatred, and dissension spreading. The world needs more kindness. We should be caring for other humans, above anything else. Yet, it seems like our priorities can get easily distorted. As Jesus taught…

In Matthew 22:36-39, a lawyer challenges Jesus asking him, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?”

Jesus answers him saying, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (ESV).

Imagine if every one of us made more of an effort to spread kindness and care, in some shape or form, regularly?

I’m not referring to being a kind person. I’m referring to making time to do something kind for someone else, on a regular basis. Sometimes, inadvertently, we may miss opportunities to brighten someone else’s day. But, I think if we make a conscious effort. Or, even set a time aside each week to do a random act of kindness, it could make a difference in our lives and the world around us. 

There’s more in terms of benefits…

If you have children, it is so important to model acts of kindness so that they can pick up on these traits. I recently read a book about an author who loves, and I mean L-O-V-E-S giving. To the point in which she gets her children involved. These aren’t just simple acts of kindness. This lady goes all out. (Paying for someone’s groceries. Folding someone’s laundry at the laundry mat.) And, her kids do it with her. That’s immeasurable value that is getting instilled. Our kids need more of this kind of education!

Even though Baby Blue is only 16 months old, I want him to join me, now, in spreading joy and performing random acts of kindness. He may not understand, but someday soon, he will. I believe God will bless Him in a mighty way. 

Random Acts of Kindness
Baby Blue is already a sweet little boy. I know he’s going to grow up to be very kind!

So, how can we make time to do more for others when we can barely get our own laundry folded? (As I write this post, I have at least four loads of laundry staring me in the face.) But, something inside me feels that I need to get this out there into the blogiverse. (I though I just made up that word. But, Google has confirmed that its already been around.) 

20 Ideas that are Short & Sweet!

  • Cook a meal and/or a dessert for someone who is overwhelmed.
  • Pray for others. Ask them for prayer requests.
  • A phone call or even a text message saying, “I’m thinking of you!”
  • Leave your server a larger tip than 20%
  • Offer to teach something to someone who could use the help.
  • Share a compliment. A sincere compliment that can brighten someone’s day!
  • Invite a friend on a walk.
  • Invite your neighbors over for a meal.
  • Volunteer to babysit for a couple.
  • Treat someone by paying for their groceries. (The Express Lane is not that expensive!)
  • Bring a dessert in to work. For people that you don’t always think of.
  • Leave your mail man, UPS, etc. a treat!
  • Next time you’re in a cashier’s line, ask them if they’d like a piece of chocolate or gum. Buy it for them!
  • Offer to help a coworker who may be feeling overwhelmed.
  • Bring cookies to the elderly.
  • Visit a homeless shelter with some treats.
  • Leave post-its in random spots at work with encouraging bible verses.
  • Shovel someone else’s sidewalk or mow their lawn.
  • Pick up someone else’s tab at a restaurant.
  • Invite someone to sit with you at lunch.

I’m sure this list can go on and on! The most important thing is to think of others, once in a while, and what they may need that YOU can give. Let’s continue to make the world a better place by sharing kindness, every day!

Rachel Scheyer




Random Acts of Kindness

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