Rachel Maria's Agave Lime Tilapia

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I ordinarily use lemon when making fish.  In fact, I had more lemons than limes on hand last night when Scott took this picture (as the limes that I used for the marinade looked unsightly after zesting and squeezing the life out of them).  Thus, the lemon in the picture.  Just use your imagination, please.   Anyway, the lime and agave combined add a perfect sweet and sour level of deliciousness to this crispy yet ever-so-tender filet of fish.

Is your mouth watering?  You have to try this one!


1 lb. Tilapia (per 2-3 servings)
2 Tbs. Agave Nectar or Honey
2 Limes
1 tsp. each Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Paprika
1 Cup of Italian Style Bread Crumbs, Panko, or Flour.  (I used bread crumbs.)
1/4 Cup of Olive Oil


*Prepare a marinade in a large shallow bowl (or ziplock back) with the zest of one lime and the juice from both, the agave (or honey), and the olive oil.
Rachel Maria's Agave Lemon-Lime Tilapia
*Whisk together and place tilapia in the bowl (or bag) making sure it is absorbing the liquid on both sides.
*Refrigerate for 1 hour.
*Add Olive Oil to a large skillet over Medium High Flame.   You want the oil to cover the entire bottom, liberally.
*In a separate bowl, combine the bread crumbs with the dry seasonings with a fork.
Dip the tilapia in the crumb mixture and place in the frying pan.
Rachel Maria's Agave Lemon-Lime Tilapia
*Cook on each side on Medium High for about 5 minutes or golden brown.
*Serve with Lemon or Lime Garnishes.



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