PMDD Sometimes

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PMDD Sometimes

Dear Friend, it’s been a while
Sorry- been keeping to myself.
There’s just only part of me
that I want you to see.
And, sometimes it’s too hard to be around.

Hello there, don’t mind me
Sorry- tryin to feel myself again.
At times I just don’t know
Who I am or where to go.
And, sometimes it’s too much to understand.

Hey You, remember me?
Sorry- didn’t mean to cause you pain
If it’s any consolation
It’s no fun in isolation
And, sometimes it’s too difficult to explain.

Excuse me, please pardon me.
Sorry- not the words I meant to say
Some days my thoughts are oh, so clear
Then, suddenly, they disappear.
And, sometimes it’s gone too far to be repaired.

Goodnight, my love, forgive me please
Sorry, can’t seem to stay awake.
But, if you can wait a few days more
I promise I’ll be like before
And, maybe we can make up for lost time.

Goodbye, for now, hope you’ll understand
Sorry, at least I tried to warn you
There are days I’m quite terrific
before my actions become horrific
And, it kills me that I let you down, again.

  • March 7