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Hey Girls! In conjunction to our 13 week study of the Proverbs 31 woman, this week, we are focusing on our personal appearance.

When I first read this title of Week 7, in Donna Partow’s Book, “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be”, I thought it would have more to do with beauty. The kind of beauty that every runway model and hollywood starlet has. However, Donna Partow focuses more on external features such as the clothes, make-up, and accessories we wear. Our confidence. And, our expression. Or, as Donna Partow calls it, our countenance. (Don’t worry. I never used this word, either!)

This week’s chapter helped me realize that beauty truly does come from within. Out of our heart and our mind comes our objective in how we dress, what we wear, how much “stuff” we need (or want) to enhance our beauty… Not to mention, how we carry ourselves.

Some questions for reflection…

What does the way we dress, the amount of money we spend on beauty products, and the expression we keep tell others about ourselves? Who do we aim to impress?

Is there a better way to improve our personal appearance in a Godly way?

One last question. Do we have self-confidence or God confidence?

Donna Partow will explain that self confidence comes from external factors that pertain to our unique life and circumstances… along with our own interpretation of who we are. God confidence comes from looking at ourselves the way God sees us! Regardless of our circumstances. No matter how we look. What size we wear. Where we’ve been. What we’ve done.

God loves us, unconditionally. Knowing this can enhance our personal appearance. Knowing this can actually make our lives a lot better.

For the first 20 years of my adulthood, I depended on my own self-confidence. I cared way too much about what others thought. I’d look at beauty magazines, with ridiculously skinny models, as the “standard”. Come to think of it, I only believed I was beautiful when I was underweight, all dolled up, and wearing the “best” products and clothing.

Looking back, this was just like having a part time job!

Upon turning forty, (which just so happens to be the exact year I lost everything, encountered God, and expanded my faith, like never before) I decided to see myself the way God sees me. I also decided to make pleasing Him my top priority. (Guess what? He’s a lot easier to please than we sometimes think!) I resolved to grow into my God-given curves, purchase clothing that was better quality (and much more forgiving)… I started going easier on my wallet with beauty products (you can still have great hair, skin, and a made-up look without spending a fortune). Oh, and I began eating carbs again, for crying out loud!

I’ve learned, over the past 10 years especially, that I don’t have to have a supermodel figure. Flawless skin. Nor a perfect smile. It is more important to me to age gracefully, and wear a countenance of a gentle and loving spirit that would impress God, first and foremost.

I feel more beautiful, today, than ever before. And, I hope you realize just how beautiful you are in God’s eyes!

I love how Donna Partow gives such practical advice in each chapter of her book. In week seven, she’ll touch upon a few areas, such as…Determining your core color and ideal weight. Purging your hair products, make-up, skin products, and accessories to the bare minimum. Aiming to have a God confidence that surpasses any circumstance we may be dealing with. And, displaying a countenance that exudes a gentle and loving spirit.

In my opinion, these are great ways to improve our personal appearance.

If you haven’t joined in yet, purchased the book, or watched any of my LIVE weekly videos on Facebook, please know it’s never too late. Becoming more like the Proverbs 31 Woman can only help us to become more extraordinary.

Oh, and as I mentioned on my last video, I’m sharing a few websites that may help guide you throughout Week 7. Pleeease, don’t be too hard on yourself. Have fun!

What does the Bible say about how we dress?

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