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I’m thrilled to announce that PEACH Active Wear has launched their Fall line of apparel! It’s called, “Into the Wild” and all of the new pieces are chic, with a safari-like flare! If you’re new to Peach Active wear, please allow me to share why this is my all time favorite brand, when it comes to comfortable, on-trend pieces that I can wear in my busy mom-life.

Peach prides itself in three specific things.

For starters, their pieces are made with awesome, athletic fabrics with sophisticated design. Thanks to Peach, it is possible to have an elevated look when wearing pieces suited for both work and play! On those days I want to go out with my son, Chase, I’m usually wearing my PEACH attire. I feel stylish, yet comfortable enough to keep up with my busy toddler!

Secondly, Peach makes it possible for any woman to become an entrepreneur! Without the risk. I can certainly appreciate being a stay-at-home mom while wanting to make some extra money to help support my family. The team at Peach is simply extraordinary. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of these women. I would highly recommend my female friends to consider working with Peach, any day!

Last but not least, each season, Peach helps under-discovered, female-founded accessory brands by showcasing their merchandise on their website! I honestly don’t understand why this is not happening universally. But, hopefully with Peach’s dedicated mission, other businesses will follow suit so that those who are just starting out have the help they need to be successful.

Put simply, Peach is a quality brand that epitomizes my Living Extraordinary mantra. I believe in them. And, I’m so grateful to be an ambassador to such a brand.

Quick Tangent: For those of you Stay at Home Moms, if you’re looking for an extraordinary opportunity to make money from home, I would HIGHLY recommend becoming a PEACH Stylist!

The ONLY Investment you need up front is $199. For this investment you get everything you’ll need to launch your new business….Marketing materials, excellent training and $200 in product credits!  You can run your business from your phone, at your own pace. No minimum requirements and no additional fees. Commission rates from 20-35% and LOTS of free product credits!
Or, submit an application to be an Ambassador. If you’re approved by Peach, you receive 4 free pieces each launch. Then, within 30 days you merely need to post about Peach three times on any of your social media or content sites. Any sales from your affiliate link earns 15% commission. 
Call or text Karen Galante for more information.   484-802-3841

So, now I’d like to show you some of the “Into the Wild” pieces that are available, for a limited time. Keep in mind that all of these pieces can be styled interchangeably, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Savannah Sweater ~ Kili Legging

I love these Kili Leggings! They remind me of Spanx faux leather leggings, but they are much more reasonable. The Savannah sweater, which also comes in a garnet, is a gorgeous combo of a sweater and blouse, in one. Just genius.

Mara Moto Jacket

Peach Active Wear

The mara moto jacket, which also comes in a khaki color, is made with a beautiful vegan suede. The fabric and the motorcycle-style makes this piece the perfect layer. I know this is something I’ll be wearing on repeat, throughout the cooler months, ahead.

Serengeti Dress

Peach Active Wear

The Serengeti dress is so fun! It’s made with the same vegan suede material, and also comes in a garnet color. Another ideal piece for layering. Add a scarf, overtop. Or, a long sleeve/button-up under neath. You can wear it with leggings, boots, sneakers, or heels! Here, I have it styled with the Kili Leggings and a pair of booties.

Nairobi Cape

Peach Active Wear

The Nairobi Cape is a bold fashion statement yo are sure to get compliments on! It is made with a heavy knit fabric, with a unique faux leather trim. It’s simply gorgeous! (Also comes in a black and khaki combo.)

I’m so excited for the upcoming fall season. And, I’m just as excited to be sporting my new “Into the Wild” Collection from PEACH!

Rachel Scheyer

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