How to Keep Your Produce Fresh? An Extraordinary Thing!

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This pepper has been in my refrigerator for over 2 weeks. It’s not in season, and in spite of the amount of time it has been in my fridge, it is still fresh!


What’s the secret? Believe it or not, a little plastic blue apple called the Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber.

It looks like this:

Can you find it?

I’m not a fan of “kitchen gadgets”, so when Scott ordered the Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber, I was less than thrilled. However, after seeing what it could do (and prevent), I was hooked.

This nifty and inexpensive gadget can save you some money. Perhaps you can relate. Sometimes, I’ll buy produce, but not exactly “get to it” in time, before it becomes spoiled. I hate throwing food away. Especially produce.

Produce can be expensive and/or precious (when it comes to the gardening process). The Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber helps to keep your produce around longer! At least twice as long as “ordinary”.

And, that’s what makes this item EXTRAordinary!

So, how does it work?

Fruits give off ethylene gas which aides in the “ripening” process. The problem is, once you bring your produce home, it sits on your counter or in your refrigerator and the ethylene gas continues to accelerate the ripening process. According to experts, numerous households throw away over $600 worth of produce each year due to accelerated spoilage from ethylene gas. 

These little blue apples contain an oxidizer called sodium permanganate, along with a scientifically proven mechanism that absorbs the ethylene gas from your produce. This, in turn, helps to keep your produce around longer. And that, my friends, will save you money and extra trips to the supermarket.

Since buying this item (from Amazon, of course), Scott and I have reduced the amount of spoiled produce, in our fridge, significantly. You can purchase two of these, along with a one year supply of refills, for less than twenty bucks. It lasts about 3 months before needing a “refill”. The item will pay for itself dozens of times over, in the first year alone.

I can’t say whether or not other products, like this, work as good. All I know is that we love Bluapple!

If you want to save some money and keep your produce fresh, for a longer amount of time, give this extraordinary item a try.


EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

Labradoodle - Letter from Cooper

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Hi, again, Mommy’s friends…

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve met my new mommy and daddy. I’m now 3 months old and 12 pounds, and I am still King of EVERYTHING!

I played in my very first snow fall.
I played in my very first snow fall, and we took our first family pictures!


20150307_122930On Monday’s, Steve and his dog, Mira, come over to train mommy and daddy. They are learning a lot of tricks. For example, when the leash goes on me, Mommy or Daddy need to walk. They need to hold my leash and wait for me to decide when I’m ready to go potty. They still need a lot of work, but they’re learning.

I’m pretty settled here, at The House on High Street. I have my own bed…in 3 places, actually. I would eventually like to have a bed in every room, but I’m ok with 3 beds, for now. I already chewed up half of my toys. If mom and dad don’t want me to start chewing on their furniture, shoes, and mom’s hair, they better keep buying me toys.

This is why I need more beds.
This is why I need more beds.
Mommy seems to always be sitting where I want to spread out. She must be super attached to me.
Mommy seems to always be sitting where I want to spread out. She must be super attached to me.

Dad bought me a frisbee, and mom is learning how to hold it for me so I can jump up and grab it with my teeth. Eventually, dad and I will go to parks and play with the frisbee.


I should play for the NBA. I can really jump!

20150311_182221I’m actually great at everything. I’m even stronger than daddy and faster than mommy!

Yesterday, I went up and down the steps all my myself. Daddy was proud, but mommy almost had a heart attack. To show off my new skills, I sometimes just hang out on the middle step to see mom’s reaction.

This is my new "I'm cool" spot. Mommy gets worried, but daddy feels proud of me.
This is my new “I’m cool” spot. Mommy gets worried, but daddy feels proud of me.

Overall, we are one big happy family. We have our coffee, together, in the mornings; And, we snuggle on the big sofa, before bedtime.

I like waking up mommy in the morning. I am 100% ready to be hyper and play. I wish mommy was, but it takes her a little time.

I’m just a little confused at something. Whenever I go potty outside, mommy and daddy get very happy. Like, REALLY happy. This morning, I passed a little gas. I even walked away from mommy before I did it. I don’t understand why she got so upset. She even called daddy down from his office, all the way on the third floor, just to “smell it”. They were both looking around for something for a good ten minutes. I tried to tell them that I didn’t go number two in the house by wagging my tail. If I made a boo boo, I would have hid under the couch. But, I guess they don’t understand that sometimes puppies pass a little gas. I’m quite proud of it, actually. Perhaps, Steve will teach mommy and daddy to give me a treat, when I toot, next time.

Well, I have to go now. It’s time for my nap. Mommy said since the weather is nice, that she and dad will take me outside for game of frisbee later. I hope they can keep up with me.

Bye-bye for now.

Tiramisu Trifle Recipe

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This make-ahead dessert worked out great for a dinner party, at the house, this past weekend. It was easy to make, and the guests really enjoyed it! (I think the hardest part was trying to fit the trifle dish in my refrigerator, which required a bit of creativity.) Anyway, Tiramisu Trifle may cost a bit more than a box cake recipe, but it is so delicious and very rich in flavor. 

Out Of Milk App - An Extraordinary Thing

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I love lists. I can be a bit nerdy when it comes to lists. Sometimes, I make lists from old lists. And, other times, I may add “Make a new list” on my list.

Ok, I’m exaggerating, a bit. But, I truly appreciate keeping things in order and working efficiently to save time and money. My dad used to say, “Time is money”. Whenever I make a list, I know that I am saving time and money.

After Scott and I got married and decided we would share the weekly trip to the supermarket, I would first write out a shopping list on paper. In addition, one of us would spend some time going through a few different circulars (since I typically create my meals based on which meat or seafood item is on sale.) Each week, I’d write a new list. I’d also make lists for errands that Scott or I had to do. (i.e. Cleaners, Replace faucet, buy birthday gift for dad, etc.)

Of course, there were times when Scott or I would lose the list. Other times, we would think of something we needed and not have “the list” nearby. Not to mention, I would often say how nice it’d be if there was an app or website that could compare prices across multiple locations.

Then one day, I stumbled upon a Phone App that is simply extraordinary.

Out of Milk Phone App

There are many benefits to using the Out of Milk phone app.

Firstly, you can create shopping lists and add or subtract items already entered from your history.

Secondly, and my favorite feature, is that it is a shared application amongst multiple users. Scott or I can add an item to the list and it will sync on both of our smart phones. (I have a Samsung and he has an Apple Phone).

You can also create To-Do Lists. It works the same way as a grocery list.

You can create and save multiple lists (grocery, home goods, etc.)

And, if that’s not enough; You can view weekly deals to your supermarket and/or compare prices amongst multiple stores! So, I can look up a specific item to see which store has it on sale. And, I can find the best deal on a general item (let’s say meat) at a specific supermarket.

The Out of Milk phone app will save you time and money.

The only downside to this app is that there may not be a supermarket of your choice in the database. It’s not perfect. But it’s FREE!

I hope you’ll try the Out of Milk phone application, if you don’t have it already on your smart phone. And, I hope you can save some time and money.

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours


Miniature Labradoodle - Letter from Cooper

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Hello Mommy’s Friends,

Mommy is typing this for me because my paws are chubby, and I am playing with the toys my cousins bought for me. I have been a good little boy. Mommy often calls me her good little boy; probably because I am not chewing on her hair, anymore.

She put a vest on me that says I am The King of the World. At least, I think that’s what it says. I can’t read, yet.

Labradoodle Puppy

Over the past few days, when mommy or daddy put me in my pen, I didn’t like it. I tried to get their attention, but I think they left me at home by myself. I was angry. I did my poopy all over that pen. When daddy came up to get me, he called for mommy. I guess he didn’t want to clean the mess I made. Mommy gave me a warm bath. I loved it. So much, I pooped again and spread it around, even more. I think mommy was so happy to give me two baths in one day.

Labradoodle Puppy
See how happy Mommy is!?

Then, she got out this thing called a hairdryer. I did NOT LIKE THAT. It was too loud for my puppy ears.

Speaking of ears, daddy took me to the doctors today. Good thing mommy didn’t come because all the lady doctors were loving me, and I think mommy would have been jealous. But, then, they put medicine in my ear. I guess because I have been scratching them so much. Mom was relieved when daddy told her that I do not have fleas. But, I don’t understand why, because now I need medicine in my ears.

This is me at the doctors. I am a killer with the ladies.
This is me at the doctors. I am a killer with the ladies.

Last night, Mommy was talking, about me, to someone on the phone. It was after our first argument; in which I won. She put a leash on me, and tried to get me to walk with it. I think she forgets that I am the boss. I didn’t move at all. She seemed frustrated and told on me, when daddy got home. I’m glad daddy didn’t get upset at all.

But then, she told daddy that some dog trainer is coming over to the house, soon. And, he is bringing his dog. I don’t understand why they are coming, but I hope they know that I am The King of the World.

This is my couch and my toys. Sometimes, I let mommy and daddy sit here with me.
This is my couch and my toys. Sometimes, I let mommy and daddy sit here with me. I don’t plan on sharing my toys with my dog trainer or his dog. It’s pretty clear that I am King.
Mommy makes the best pillow, EVER!
Sometimes, I allow mommy to be my pillow. Sometimes.
Sometimes, I let mom write at her computer with her hand under me. She just needs me. What can I say?
Also, I let mom write at her computer with her hand under me. She just needs to be close to me. What can I say?

Well, it is time for my nap, upstairs. I am starting to like my crate. Mommy puts surprises in there, for me. And, I have some toys and a very soft blanket, too. I decided that I’m never going to poop in my crate. I like it too much.








PS. Please try not to get attached to me. I have my hands full with my mom and dad, alone. Thanks.

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