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I just finished my third Youtube video on organic skincare and makeup products. Right now, these are my favorites based on three standards.

1) The ingredients need to be natural. Preferably, organic! After being diagnosed with autoimmune disease AND the MTHFR Mutation that limits my body’s ability to detox, I knew that I had to make some serious changes. I cleaned up my diet. I exchanged the products in my household (from bar soap to laundry detergent). I incorporated a weekly Detox routine. And, I switched out my skincare and make-up products. Our skin is the largest organ. Ignoring the vulnerability of our skin absorbing toxins from harsh chemicals, paragons, artificial colors/fragrances, etc. can lead us down a turbulent path of acquiring more autoimmune disorders! All this to say, I’ve been very picky in selecting products that go on my skin (and especially my face), and the ingredients have to be natural!

2) The products need to be the best price among the BEST products.

After reading dozens of consumer comments, I narrowed down the top-reviewed products and then made a personal selection amongst my favorites. Basically, I wanted the least expensive product amongst the best!

3) The products must deliver!

All of these products have resulted in visible results. I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on my complexion, and I just started using them within the past eight months! My skin is far from perfect, but whatever my skincare products could not repair, my makeup was successful in coverage!

If you missed the video, here is a list of my favorite organic skincare and makeup products. I’m only including products that go on the face. (Not the eyes, lips, brows… I’ll save that for another day. ; )

My Favorite Organic Skincare Products

My Favorite Organic Makeup Products

**I recommend checking out the Tarte Website, directly, as they run a lot of sales before purchasing at a Sephora, Ulta, or Amazon. ; )

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