One Month of Clean Eating

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By now, I have gone through a full female cycle of clean eating. Overall, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my health, and these improvements far exceed the amount of sacrifice in making this transition. Here is a summary of my first month:

What did I OMIT? Pork, Shellfish, Non-organic Chicken & Beef, DAIRY, refined sugar, and processed/junk foods. I cut down, significantly, on grains. I try to eat gluten free whenever I can.  

What were my greatest accomplishments? Since I do not enjoy coffee without cream, I bade farewell to coffee…completely! Also, I NEVER thought I could quit eating cheese. I was eating cheese every day! But aside from a slice of organic cheese (as part of a cheat meal, last weekend) on an organic beef burger, I have not consumed cheese in weeks.  

What are my new life-savers and staple foods? Hummus. Alaskan Sushi Rolls! Chipotle Grill! Rice & Beans. Cage-Free fried eggs with potatoes and fried onions. Tropical Fruits. Dried Fruits. Grilled Veggies. Baked Sweet Potato Fries. Fruit Smoothies with Almond Milk. AGAVE NECTAR! Almonds. Guacamole & Gluten Free Corn Chips. FISH prepared hundreds of ways!

What improvements have I observed with this diet? Well, I lost a few pounds, and I’m fairly certain that most people can lose or sustain weight on this diet. However, it was not my top priority as my doctor reminded me that my weight is healthy and normal. Also, my appetite and cravings can be quite ravenous with my health issues. I have noticed the most improvements with my PMDD symptoms. Mainly, my mental clarity was so much clearer and sharp. My moods were better because I did not feel nearly as sluggish! And, according to a few friends and family members, my skin has been “glowing”. My mom (who is very forthright) said that I look so much brighter and healthier. Thanks, Mom!    

What is the hardest part of this diet? I need to have the right foods available at all times. Thankfully, I have more time to food shop effectively these days. My husband and family members have been so incredibly supportive. Scott has made a few changes with his diet, and my mom prepares special dinners with organic foods whenever I visit her. But, I am learning to be more selective with restaurants, and whenever I’m out of the house or visiting someone, I bring my own food with me!  

What food(s) do I miss the most? My stromboli (with pepperoni & cheese)! Buffalo Wings (I suppose I can make a fairly good organic substitute). ICE CREAM! Ok, I’m done…

Overall, this diet has been well worth it. I hope to discover new recipes along the way.

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