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So, you may know by now, that I’ve been open to working with retailers and brands, as a Life & Style Influencer. It’s taken a while for me to gain some momentum, and I have a long way to go. One of the most important aspects of what I do is working with retailers and brands that I absolutely LOVE. 

Some days, I feel that I am inundated with invitations from brands that I have no interest in wearing or using. (Or, trying.) I’m very picky! If it’s clothing, per say, it has to be modest, well made, affordable, stylish, and comfortable. If it’s a retailer, they need to have excellent customer service, quick and low-cost shipping, and a FREE return policy.

I know. High standards.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new brand that meets all of my criteria. I’m officially in love with this brand! It’s called Peach. (Also known as: Discover Peach.) Peach apparel is designed for gym, work, and play. These are super comfortable and stylish pieces for the active mommy and modern woman. Let me share a few reasons why I am in love with the brand, Peach!

A Little Side Story

Back in early December, I began my frantic search for the perfect Christmas gift for my husband, Scott. He is just as picky I am. (If not more!) Especially with wearing clothes. Scott is 100% unwilling to sacrifice comfort in men’s apparel. After a lot of research and shopping on line, I came across a pair of pants with an awesome reputation. The All Day Every Day Pant by Public Rec! A men’s active brand that is known to be more stylish than sweats, yet more comfortable than jeans.

I purchased the All Day Everyday Pant and Scott LOVES them! They are super comfortable. Well made. And, the perfect in-between for leaving the house while looking somewhat stylish! These are the kind of pants that Scott will own for a long time, and get a LOT of use out of. The only problem I had was that they were only made for men.

Peach Active Wear

Enter PEACH! I was recently asked to partner with Discover Peach, a women’s active line that is also super stylish. Comfortable. And, affordable. I even found a pair of pants, made by PEACH, that remind me of the pants I bought for Scott, this past Christmas. They are the female version! Woot Woot!!

PEACH Active Wear

I fell in love with these pants IMMEDIATELY! They are so comfortable. Lightweight. Stylish. And, versatile. The quality is remarkable and the price is right. (Under $100.) Thankfully, this brand is not exclusive to just pants. They sell similar quality items such as jackets, tank tops, leggings, sports bras, accessories, and more! 

Last week, I received a package from PEACH with four pieces from their Spring Collection called, “Heart of Havana”. I received two Jackets and two pairs of pants. 

PEACH Active Wear
The Hemingway Jacket: A military-inspired, classic anorak perfect as a daily uniform for gym, work & play. $99
PEACH Active Wear
Carmen Jacket ~ This vegan leather jacket is a “must-have”, you can feel good about. “Denim-styling” combined with an edgy classic look. $139
PEACH Active Wear
Morro Pant ~ (Green) Military-inspired cargo pants, constructed out of a lightweight, stretch woven. Perfect for running around town and traveling. Dress it up & down with heels to sneakers. $89
PEACH Active Wear
The Morro Pant ~ (Black) $89

I’d like to show you how to style each one. Take note on how these pieces can be dressed up. Or, down. All you need is a white tank or tee (also sold by Peach), and a pair of sneakers, booties, or heels! I’ve labeled each look for additional inspiration. 

Look #1 ~ Everyday Rain or Shine

PEACH Active Wear

Jacket  /  Pants  /  Sneakers  /  Sunglasses

Look #2 ~ Evening Out

PEACH Active Wear

Jacket  /  Spanx Faux Leather LeggingsHeels  /  Sunglasses

Look #3 ~ Sporty & Chic

Jacket  /  Pants  /  Sneakers  /  Sunglasses 

Look #4 Day Trip

JacketCrop Jeans  /  Booties  /  SunglassesSimilar Bag

Look #5 ~ Travel Day

PEACH Active Wear

Jacket  /  Pants  /  Sneakers  /  Sunglasses 

Look #6 ~ Spring-time Ready

PEACH Active Wear

Jacket Similar Shorts  /  Booties  /  SunglassesSimilar Bag

Well, I hope you’ll check out some of these pieces at There is a lot more where this came from!

Rachel Scheyer

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