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Friends, I am so excited to share about a comprehensive skin care system that I will be using for the next several weeks. I was recently selected by Jan Marini’s research team to not only try her award-winning skin care management system, but to speak with Jan, (founder and Chairman of the Board), personally for a 30-minute one-on-one consultation! In this post, I’m going to share what I learned from this conversation. Along with the skin care system that Jan Marini, herself, has recommended for me.

Sidebar! Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I think it’s important to share something. I receive offers, daily, from brands to share about their products. From free samples to paid advertising offers. However, I’ve made a commitment from the get-go to only entertain offers that I would use for myself or my family. Products that have the potential to be extraordinary! After doing my homework on Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) and speaking with Jan Marini, personally, I truly believe that her skin care line has that potential! This post is being sponsored by Jan Marini. But, all thoughts and opinions are my own. ; )

Time for a New Skin Care Program

So here we go…

Up until I reached my forties, I treated my skin like it was invincible. Perhaps I got a little hotheaded because I did have really great looking skin. Well into my 30s, actually. I figured my olive complexion and fairly decent genetics would keep me younger looking, as my parents and grandparents all looked younger than their actual age. Just to give you an example of how naive I was… I recall a time I was vacationing in Puerto Rico (in my 20s) and literally pouring olive oil on my skin before spending a full day, on a boat, in the open sun. On the equator! (I know. Crazy, foolish.)

Jan Marini Skin Care System

Now that I’m in my mid-forties, I’ve learned that my skin is not invincible! Even though I believe it is possible to reverse skin damage, it is critical to take a proactive approach in protecting our skin, every day! Since I wrung in the New Year with a positive mindset and a willingness to be my best self, why wouldn’t I include taking the best care of my skin? 

Skin Care System
It was wonderful having a skin consultation from home!

Scheduled Conversation with Jan Marini

Last week, I had my scheduled phone conversation with Jan Marini. I was thrilled upon answering that call and hearing from the founder of JMSR, herself! During the first few minutes of our conversation, Jan asked me several questions regarding my skin. Questions such as:

  • If there was something you could change or improve about your skin, what would it be?
  • How would you describe your skin? (Oily, dry, combination)
  • What products do you use? 

I was happy to disclose everything I was doing for my skin and using on my skin. I also shared that my greatest concern was noticing random spots of hyper-pigmentation. After decades of sun exposure (and rebelliously forfeiting sunscreen), I now have freckles on my nose and small sun spots in random places. Mainly my face, neck, and arms. I’d love to see these marks miraculously fade away! 

With each product I mentioned using, Jan was able to recite their ingredients and provide insight on what the product was doing (or not doing) on my skin. Little did I know just how ineffective these products were, in terms of achieving my skin’s greatest potential. 

Skin Care System

I’m glad I was prepared with my notepad on my computer! Because Jan had so much information regarding skin, skincare, and skin products that I could barely keep up! (Thankfully, she was kind enough to go back and/or repeat anything I needed clarified.) Overall, I was just amazed with the amount of skin-care knowledge she had! 

And, it’s no wonder. Jan has been a pioneer to the skin care market for over 45 years! She has worked with the world’s leading physicians and research scientists in order to develop her cutting edge (and now patented) products. Throughout the years, she has expanded her product line from papaya enzyme exfoliators and glycolic cleansers to antioxidant sunscreen and age intervention face cream! In 2010 she introduced an award winning skin care management system for various skin conditions. Followed by a patented anti-aging formula (featured on The Doctors, 2015), a collection of non-hydroquinone brightening solutions, and chemical peels.

Jan Marini

Even though she has a few dozen products, that in and of themselves, have scientifically proven results… (You can see some photos here.) Jan Marini’s products are made to work together. Her skin care management system (basically, a kit of start-to-finish skin products) is made specifically for dry skin, oily skin, or combination dry/oily skin. 

If you’ve been to a dermatologist for skin issues, there’s a great chance that your doctor’s office is using Jan Marini’s products! There is a reason why Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. is one of the most respected names in professional skin care. 

A Few Things I learned from Jan Marini…

1.) Most skin damage occurs before age ten. That’s right! At least 50% is programmed into the skin by age twenty! A lot of our skin problems are deep rooted and that’s where our focus should begin.

2.) The best skin care routine should address current issues AND prevent skin damage! 

3.) About 50% of aging is really about losing skin volume! Hyaluronic Acid is one of our skin’s substances that holds moisture and provides the volume that keeps our cheekbones high and the shape of the face youthful. We lose a substantial amount of Hyaluronic Acid starting in our 20’s. Plus, over time, the thick, fibrous tissue of the dermis (made of collagen and elastin) gets thinner. And, the outermost layer of our skin, the stratum corneum gets thicker. Youthful skin (like you see on a baby) is the opposite. So the focus should be on thickening the dermis and thinning and compacting the stratum corneum.

4.) There are SIX things we need to do for our skin.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Rejuvenate (vitamin C!)
  3. Resurface (glycolic, salicylic and azelaic acid)
  4. Hydrate (moisturizer)
  5. Protect (SPF)

There’s a lot more information I got out of our 30 minute conversation. (Believe it or not!) But fortunately for you and me, we don’t need to have a degree in dermatology in order to have extraordinary skin! And, that’s what am I getting at.

Skin Care System
Here is the Management Skin Care System (Kit) that I will be using for the next few weeks!
Skin Care System
She also sent me an Vitamin C-serum and Eye Gel!

Is your skin the best it can possibly be? I know my skin is not. So, I am 100% on board to trying Jan Marini’s recommendations for a few weeks! I received my package of goodies, yesterday! If you’d like to follow me on this journey, you can tune into my Instagram Stories (where I share tidbits of my day-to-day life) or check back here in a few weeks. I’ll have another post providing everything I received along with how my skin fares after using Jan Marini’s skin care system. I’ll also show some before and after pics. (Yes. Close ups with no makeup!)

If you’re wondering how you can get more information about Jan Marini and her skin care system, Click Here. Her products start at $24. (They average around $75.) Everything can be purchased individually, as well. Her website is user friendly. Complete with before and after photos. Testimonials. Full disclosure on ingredients. And, much more. 

Here are the products I’m using! You can buy the products individually, or as a kit. From what I understand the products can last up to 4 months, as they go far!

Jan Marini Skin Care System

I’m so excited to get started with my new skin care system! I can’t wait to see how these products can work. Stay tuned. (Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for day to day updates.) 

Rachel Scheyer

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