My Love Affair with Cappuccino & Nespresso

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A few weeks ago, I took Baby Blue to New York, to visit my friend Katie. I was Katie’s nanny throughout my college years. She and I have remained very close throughout the years. We try to visit one another, at least once a year. During my last visit, Katie introduced me to her Nespresso machine.

I have not been the same ever since. 

Katie made me an espresso with warm milk. I know. Sounds like a cross between espresso and cappuccino. Of course I’ve had espressos before. And, cappuccinos. Lattes. You name it. When Scott and I traveled to Italy, we did (like the Italians) enjoy a daily dose of espresso. Since then, I’ve been fairly happy. With my American coffee. From my American coffee pot. 

On those mornings, when Scott leaves too early to bring me coffee in bed. Enter, the Keurig. It does a fine job. We have a great relationship together. But I’d reference it as strictly platonic. 

Meanwhile, Scott had been making regular stops at Starbucks, for a mid-day cappuccinoo, during his work day.

Then, one day, I asked Scott how he would feel about trading in his daily, impersonal visit to Starbucks and rather, make a commitment to drinking cappuccino at The House on High Street. It took some persuasion, but Scott liked the idea. He wasn’t willing to settle on just any capuccino maker. He wanted one with a milk frother so he could have the entire experience of Starbucks at home. 

I wasn’t convinced that the machine Scott wanted was worth the cost. A basic Nespresso machine costs approximately $136 on Amazon. I was ok with this because I could achieve the same espresso drink I enjoyed at Katie’s house. But Scott, who prefers cappuccino over espresso was not interested.

Nespresso VertuoPlus

The next step up, would be the Lattissima Plus which ranges from $284 on Amazon to $399 on Nespresso’s website. Unlike its predecessor, this machine makes cappuccinos and lattes (in edition to coffee and espresso)! It has an automatic milk frother, and I was even ready to commit to this model. But, Scott wanted more…

Nespresso Lattissima

Drum Roll…

(I know. I was rolling my eyes, at this point, too.) But, here she is:

Nespresso, cappuccino
Nespresso Creatista

She is a beauty though, isn’t she? This is the Creatista. Aside from the look, Scott was drawn to the authentic quality of the milk frother. Now having this in my kitchen (yes, I caved!) I have to say, I have fallen in love with this machine!

Here’s why:

  • I realized that I love cappuccinos more than espressos. 
  • Therefore, this machine gets really good use.
  • Because Scott is happy, he is spending less money on Starbucks drinks.
  • Scott and I are enjoying more quality time having cappuccinos together. : )
  • My guests love having the options of multiple hot drinks, and I love making them! (I’m turning into a barista who will hopefully soon master the art of cappuccino froth decor.)
  • It looks awesome in my kitchen!

If you like espressos, and drink them regularly, a Nespresso Virtua Plus machine may be the thing missing in your life. But, if you or your spouse love cappuccinos (to the point in which you are spending more time and money at Starbucks than drinking your java at home), a Lattissima or Creatista may be a better investment. Not to mention, with wedding season around the corner, what bride and groom wouldn’t love a gift like this? (It’s not like they’re going to splurge on one themselves, when dishes and bath towels are a priority.)

Personally, I like to drink my cappuccino (and espresso and tea) from a cup with a saucer. It just doesn’t taste the same unless the cup has a saucer! Some of these combos can get pretty expensive. But, I have stumbled upon some good deals.

Here are the cups and saucers we got, for the cappuccinos, from Crate & Barrel.


The cup and saucer sets I purchased, for espressos, were on clearance at Macy’s. They were made by The cellar, and I couldn’t find them online. However, the Christmas Tree Shop had these beautiful blue and white sets. They went perfectly with our Polish Pottery. I couldn’t help but to grab two! (I would have bought more, but I already had purchased white ones from Macys.) These look so pretty on display at my beverage bar. I believe they were only $5 per cup. But, they’re not available on line.

cappuccino, espresso


Last but not least, if you want a nice set for a good price, here are six porcelain cups (with saucers) that I found on Amazon. They’re very unique and fun looking!

Well, there you have it. The story behind my love affair with capuccino and the Nespresso. Overall, I must say, life is a little better with cappuccino. And, a lot better with Nespresso!!

Rachel Scheyer




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