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As soon as I became a foster-mommy (and first time mommy), I went through culture shock. I went from a professional-career-oriented-power-suit-female to a stay-at-home-eat-more-dress-up-less mommy. While I would consider it the most joyful time of my life, it was also a bit depressing. I found it so easy to get into a mommy-rut, and just stay in my pjs or sweats, all day. My life was more hands-on and active. Then, one day, I went on a Hardtail Forever shopping spree. This is, hands down, my favorite line of active wear

Hard Tail Forever

What I love most about Hard Tail clothing is the look and feel. This is obviously great quality. I also find that it can be very figure flattering, to those of us who have curves. It’s comfortable, stylish, and fun! 

I also love how versatile Hard Tail Clothing can be. I can wear an outfit to yoga, the supermarket, or even out to dinner! I can pair an outfit with sneakers, boots, or heels. Fun accessories. Or, just a pony-tail. 

Shirt /  Leggings (Similar)  /  Tank  / Sneakers (Similar) / Earrings (Sugarfix)

I’m not crazy about the price. A typical outfit can run around $200. BUT. Aside from the quality you are paying for, yoga/active-wear will not go out of style anytime soon. Not to mention, most of these pieces can be interchangeable. 

Take these two raglans, for example. I own both and wear them ALL THE TIME. I can mix and match either top with a pair of hardtail pants, jeans, and leggings. They even make great swimsuit coverups!









Here are a few other looks I like to wear. To an exercise class. Grocery Shopping. A playdate. Out to dinner with friends…

Leggings  /  Crew Shirt (Similar) /  Sneakers (Similar)

Shirt (Similar)  /  Shoes  /  Earrings (Similar)

Shirt  /  Pants (Similar) /  Tank  /  Necklace 

Leggings  /  Crew Shirt (Similar) /  Sneakers (Similar)

Many of the pieces I’m wearing are sold out, but the good news is that Hardtail is always coming out with new merchandise. If you haven’t tried any of their pieces, I highly recommend giving it a shot. There is a reason why it is called Hard Tail FOREVER. 

You can check out some of their sale items, here!

So, how about you? What is your favorite active wear for those days you are not at the office?

Rachel Scheyer


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