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I’ve been experimenting a lot with makeup, lately. Especially since I have recently gone blonde, and my “tan skinned” days are over. In other words, I keep a more pale complexion, these days. I think it’s important to reevaluate our “look” every 6 months, because a subtle change in just the color of our skin (say, from summer to fall) can clash with our makeup products.

Here is my current kit of fall makeup products. Right now, the majority of my products are made by Tarte. As of the creation of this post, I am not receiving any compensation from Tarte make-up. I just fell in love with their products. However, since then, I have learned that many makeup companies (including Tarte) may be guilty of green washing the industry with misinformation. I’m not a dermatologist nor an expert in chemistry, but I will refer anyone who asks about a product’s ingredients to reference EWG’s website. My understanding is that Tarte products average a “moderate” score on the EWG hazard scale. I was definitely fooled into thinking they were a lot cleaner than they actually are. However, I’ve had no skin issues nor reactions from their products. I still LOVE the look and feel of their makeup. So, it’s what I’ve been using on days I want to look special, and I thought I’d share it with you.

After my daily skin routine (I’ll save that for another post), here is the order I apply my makeup:

1.) Foundation
2.) Concealer (under the eye and on any blemishes or sun-spots)
3.) Blush (sometimes, I’ll apply bronzer before the blush)
4.) Finishing powder
5.) Setting Mist
6.) Eye Shadow
7.) Eyebrow gel
8.) Mascara (and/or false lashes)
9.) Lip Liner, lipstick, and gloss.

And, here are the first six products for each step of my routine:

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If you prefer seeing a tutorial, here is one I created recently for your viewing pleasure.



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