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Recently, I did something that I should have done long LONG ago! I got my eyebrows microbladed! I grew tired of hearing about it, and seeing such amazing results on every other Instagram Influencer. After turning forty, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Coincidently, I noticed my eyebrows thinning. Thankfully, I happened to find the best microblading place, near me. In Cherry Hill, New Jersey…

Microblading Near Me

Back in December, I formed a partnership with The Beau Institute. They are sponsoring today’s post, and I couldn’t be happier to share all about this amazing place.

The Beau Institute has a history of more than 25 years specializing in both performing and training in permanent makeup, areola tattooing, scar camouflage, scalp tattooing and presently, Microblading. Their level of expertise is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY, and I was beyond impressed.

Initially, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it hurt? Would I be bruised or sore, afterwards? How long would it last?

microblading near me
Here were my brows before microblading. Not bad, but that was with makeup! Applied daily, and it wasn’t fun.

Microblading ~ First Procedure

Within seconds of walking in the door, at Beau Institute, I felt right at home. The Beau Institute has recently located to a new location. It is such a beautiful facility. And, the staff were friendly and helpful from the get-go.

After a few minutes filling out some paperwork and getting some numbing cream placed on my eyebrows, I met Joan! A very experienced artist (and instructor, as they offer classes here, as well). She made me feel so comfortable and explained every step to me, in full.

The first step was finding the right color shade. Then, Joann outlined the perfect shape (with my approval) for my brows. The procedure is done with a tool with very fine blades that are used to deposit pigment into the skin. The result creates fine, crisp strokes which in turn become natural looking brows (with realistic hair strokes).

Microblading near me

It takes about thirty minutes prior to the procedure. And, the procedure takes an additional thirty minutes. (Give it or take fifteen minutes, here or there.) It does not hurt! It does feel like scratches. And, it sounds like velcro being separated. Mind you, the brows are numbed from the numbing cream. Apparently, some fall asleep because Joann creates such a comfortable and soothing environment.

microblading near me

I was AMAZED at the IMMEDIATE results. At first, they will look darker than what will end up being the permanent result. Microbladed brows go through different stages. And, after eight weeks, your procedure includes a touch up. More pigment will be deposited in any areas where it didn’t take 100%.

microblading near me
Day One after Microblading

After First Procedure

The nice thing is that this procedure is “in and out”. Scott and I went to dinner the night I had my brows microbladed. They were a little sore, but it was a very mild soreness.

For the first few days, following the first procedure, my brows were dark. I was given directions and an ointment to apply every other day. By the fifth or sixth day, the brows will start to flake. (Scab) During this time, it’s normal to feel that the pigment didn’t take or the color is a little off. But, eventually they look much softer and nicer. So much that I knew it was getting close to my second visit.

microblading near me
Scott and I went on vacation a few weeks after I had my first microblading procedure. By then my brows were very natural looking.

Microblading ~ Follow Up Visit

Leading up to my eighth week, and second visit, figured that Joann would apply more pigment. My brows looked a lot lighter than the first week.

The second procedure was pretty much like round one. I am about a week past my second procedure. My brows are starting to scab a bit, but I can barely even notice it. Overall, I am very happy with them!

microblading near me
One week after second procedure.

So, how much does this procedure cost? The going rate is around $600. It may sound like a lot, but if you add up all the time you may spend creating or manually filling in your brows DAILY…it’s worth it! No more makeup pencils or shadow. The best part is that your brows will look perfect every minute of every day! I can’t even describe how much I love having my brows microbladed.

And, as far as where to get them done… Well, that’s easy! If you are in or near Southern New Jersey, you need to go to The BEAU Institute. They are the best at what they do. AND, if you mention my name (RACHEL MARIA) they will give you $50 off your service!

So, what are your thoughts on microblading? Do you have naturally perfect brows? Would you consider getting this done? Share any questions or comments below.

Rachel Scheyer

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