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Scott and I have lived in The House on High Street for almost six years. Initially, we filled our two-hundred-something-year-old home with furniture from auctions. In keeping with the traditional feel. Lately, we’ve been redecorating, one room at a time. Our bedroom was a hodge podge of mixed match furniture, from our past lives and residencies. Needless to say, this master bedroom makeover was long overdue!

During our renovation process, we decided to convert two of the smaller bedrooms into the master bedroom. Basically, the fourth bedroom is now a sitting room/office and a moderately sized master bath. It’s open, somewhat so you can see into the sitting room/office from the sleeping area. Both parts of our master bedroom have received a makeover.

Sleeping Area

Might as well show you this room from the very beginning. Here she is prior to renovations.

Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom before Renovations

Compared to most rooms in the house, this was not that bad! Here she is during the renovation…

Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom with dry-wall. (Before windows replaced.)

And this is what our master bedroom looked like after we first moved in…

Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom

Not bad. But, after five years, it was time to update.

Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom Update
Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom Makeover

I finally purchased window treatments that are white. Along with a white bedspread. We replaced the dark wood headboard with a softer grey tufted headboard. We also replaced the mahogany end tables with grey wood stained end tables. Overall, you can see how the room has brightened up. It feels a lot softer, as well.

We got a custom cut carpet to outline the perimeter of the room. (Which leaves a few inches of original hardwood flooring to be seen.) I know it was risky, but I chose an ivory carpet. It’s pretty great with stain removal. Even though we have a dog and a toddler, the carpet is holding up just fine.

Master Bedroom Makeover

The fireplace mantle was originally purchased at an auction. It was a chestnut wood color. Scott recently painted this and touched it up. The artwork above the mantle is by Slava Ilyayev. We purchased two pieces on a cruise during an art auction. I love the bold colors, and given that our bedroom is white and neutral, the artwork gives it a nice pop.

Master Bedroom Makeover
Painting by Slava Ilyayav Master Bedroom Makeover

Sitting Room & Office

Lately, I had been doing the majority of my writing on my couch or bed. So, as you can imagine, I’m thrilled to finally have an office combined with our sitting room. Here it is prior to renovations…

Sitting Room before full renovations, but after the wall was opened up. (Originally 4th bedroom).
Master Sitting Area after windows were replaced.

We also had sliding doors put in to walk out to a balcony. (Built over our sunroom). Upon moving in, we just threw in some old furniture. It was fine for a while. Honestly, I’m surprised that I gave in and allowed Scott to move the TV into the sleeping area. (They say to never do this!!) So, naturally, it made sense to make this my office area, as well.

Sitting Area – After Renovations (Before Makeover)
The TV has now been moved to the bureau across from the bed.
I used to say I would never do this!

And, here is the sitting room/office area makeover! It’s 99% complete. We just need to figure out what to hang over the sofa.

Master Bedroom Makeover
Master Bedroom Makeover
I love having windows on either side of my desk.
Master Bedroom Makeover
This chair is so comfortable. I love how it reclines.
And, I’m a sucker for tufted fabrics!
Master Bedroom Makeover
I am in love with this metallic stained wood.
The diamond drawer knobs give it the most chic effect!

So, what do you think? Was it worth the wait? Personally, I find little reason to leave my bedroom on the days that Chase is in daycare. I feel cozy and very inspired to keep on writing!

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