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Silly Piece of Green Paper!


Today, at church, my pastor gave a great sermon about tithing. A subject so many of us wrestle with. I almost didn’t make it there after a week of awful pmdd symptoms. But, I’m glad I did. Even though Baby Banana was a piece of work!

Banana was super fidgety. More than she’d ever been, during a church service. She’s getting to that time where she wants to explore….everything! I was all prepared for the service. (At least I thought.) I packed her bag, complete with a spare bottle, snacks, a change of clothes… and a bunch of her favorite toys.



Last week, this time, Scott and I were enjoying Baby Banana in sunny Florida. It was an extraordinary vacation in so many ways. Obviously having Baby B with us, and introducing her to a swimming pool, a beach, and an ocean. But, more importantly, this was a special time for Scott and me to enjoy our 5 month-old foster baby, away from the business of our regular days.

Mommy Rut


I hope I don’t regret using these precious 25 minutes of Baby Banana’s nap (and having two hands), to write this post. But, I feel that after I put something in writing, I can then move on to dealing with it.

I think I’m in a Mommy Rut. Ok, I was sick last week. And, the weather has been CRAPPY. But, still, it’s going on several days of being in this rut, and I hope I can snap out of it.

Aside from driving Baby Banana to her bio-parents weekly visitation on Monday, I can’t remember the last time I went out of the house. The last time I exercised. Ate a HEALTHY meal. Intentionally. Washed my face. Or my hair.

I think maybe last Wednesday?

I didn’t have the traditional nine months to prepare for this transition from a super-productive person to a Just-stop-doing-and-hold-me person. (Banana wants to be held all the time.) And, I still struggle with some health issues with debilitating symptoms.

Right now, I have barely enough drive to get out of the house. My body craves carbs like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been consuming more pizza and Snickers bars in the past few days, than I’ve had over the past several months.

Scott tried to feed me a Chicken Ceasar Salad for dinner last night. I wanted NOTHING to do with the word SALAD. We ended up compromising with a store-bought Rotisserie Chicken and a cheesy rice side dish.

I’m at the time of the month in which my lower body is so crampy. I’m not sleeping that well. I’m getting woken up by this precious bundle, more than just once. My once-structured morning routine which consistently included time to pray, get pretty, do a few household chores, and plan a productive day (sometimes including exercise), is non-existent right now.

Come to think of it, this baby is pretty much controlling my every move. Good thing I love her to pieces. But, moms know what I’m talking about. It’s almost like a love-hate relationship. You LOVE your baby. But, you HATE what is happening to YOU.

I have no control over my day, or my time. It’s so frustrating.

I miss the mornings when Scott would hand me a hot cup of coffee. Baby Banana has replaced my morning Joe. I never did very well without coffee time to truly wake up. Scott has been running out of the house most mornings, juggling a demanding job and filling in the areas at home that I just can’t get to. He’s an outstanding husband and daddy, even doing the early morning shift, every day.

Then, from mid morning through the evening, I am at Little Miss Banana’s beck and call. It’s very rare that she will nap for more than 20 minutes. It’s even more rare that she’ll nap laying down, and not in my arms.

I haven’t mastered how to do things with one arm or no arms. Yeah, I take her in the car, and she does fall asleep. Sometimes. And, I use the Baby Carrier. I do love that thing. So does Baby Banana! But, I still have a hard time doing things since I have to stand up straight in order to keep her close to me. So, it’s not like I can brush my teeth or wash my face, effectively.

Oh, my gosh. I don’t think I’ve brushed my teeth in a few days. Ew. I usually brush my teeth every time I’m in my bathroom. What’s happening? Watch me get my first cavity, after all these years.

Uh oh. She’s waking up from her nap, now. There goes twenty-some minutes I could have maybe gotten out of my pajamas or brushed my teeth. But, oh well.

I am in a Mommy Rut!

Please, tell me I’ll get out of it.

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours



PS On a good note. Baby Banana rolled over, all by herself today. I’m celebrating with a few Snickers bars!

PSS I wish I could show you pictures of just how beautiful she is. I am still smitten by her beautiful little face. Even if she is the smallest bully I’ve ever known. LOL

CPR Infant Certified!


This week, Scott and I received CPR training for infants, at The House on High Street.

It was important to us since we are foster parenting Baby Banana.

Our instructor, Mitch Siegel* was wonderful. He said that he’s trained over 20,000 individuals. Mitch was very knowledgeable, funny, and professional.

I loved how he provided the training at our home. I loved his method of teaching. And since I’m such a nerd, he answered all my questions without making me feel like an airhead. Bonus!

Scott and I enjoyed learning about the precautionary steps for different scenarios requiring CPR. Such as:  Determining if it is safe to administer CPR, how to do it, and how to get medical help in the most effective way.

We learned that a lot of people are afraid to administer CPR (which can save a life) because of fear of doing it wrong, possibly hurting the individual, or getting sued. These are not good reasons to avoid doing CPR. Bad CPR is better than NO CPR!

Anyway, we may not be pros now, but Scott and I feel more confident, especially as parents, knowing what to do if an emergency did occur.

I figured I’d share this with you because… One, I’m proud to share it. And, two, I’d like for you to think about CPR, when you read this. How familiar are you with this procedure that can literally save a life?

And, in the customary fashion of LE Woman to share good things… Well, this is it for today. Please consider. ; )

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

* Mitch Siegel is owner and trainer of Cardiac Crisis Management. He’s been providing services since 1996. If you are interested in a health and/or safety class such as CPR, First Aid, etc. Conveniently brought to you at home, with or without a group of friends, you may contact Mitch @ (609)820-1144 or slidini1966@gmail.com

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