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After you move into a completely restored home, you tend to forget about the outdoor work that remains to be done. Scott and I have been living at The House on High Street for five years, and we have recently (and finally) tackled the landscaping around the house! It wasn’t easy deciding on which plants and trees to use, but overall it came out beautiful!

Every summer, so far, Scott and I have prioritized one or two large, outdoor projects.

Our first summer, we worked on the three buildings that are situated in the back of the house.

The Ice-House

The Ice House ~ Before
The Original Ice House
The Ice House, after our first summer at the house. The cement had already been removed. Bricks were laid down, inside, for flooring. Then, we replaced the Roof. And, Scott began the outdoor bar.

The Carriage House

I can’t find any carriage house photos, for the “before”. Just use your imagination. Scariest environment imaginable! LOL

Carriage House
The Carriage House after repairs. New Roof. New Doors. Painted.

The Modern Shed

This is the “modern” shed. Before repairs. It’s definitely a newer building compared to the other two. 
The Modern Shed. New Siding, roof, and window sills. Door painted.

Our second summer, we flattened out the land in the backyard and planted grass. We also had a parking pad situated near the sunroom entrance. Last but not least, we had a patio put around the ice house. And, Scott used the same stone for the large porch outside of the sunroom. 

The backyard was completely bulldozed and flattened on two levels.
A parking pad was put in, and the driveway was shortened.

Scott did the patio outside of the sunroom.

Third summer, we had the back of the house painted. Yes, just one side of the house. It’s rather expensive, especially because the house is three stories tall!

Last summer, we didn’t have anything that big done, outside. But, this fall, we did a walkway path~From the parking pad to the side and front entrance doors.

Landscaping Around the House

It came time to fill in the space between the walkway and the house. We found a local landscaping company that offered us the best price for the job. Scott and I just needed to map out what we wanted to have planted in each of the three open sections. (Between the sidewalk and the house.)

I snapped this photo shortly before the plants were put in the ground.
Here is the finished look!

A Close-up of the Trees & Bushes 

Landscaping Around the House
Here is a weeping cherry tree and a few variegated boxwood bushes.
Landscaping Around the House
That’s a Crape Myrtle Tree in the corner. And, a rose bush in the center. And, that’s Chase back there!
Landscaping Around the House
We have four beautiful rose bushes, already blooming! And, that in the background is a spiral-trimmed Alberta Bush.

I leave you with some photos of Chase and me, playing outside. Of course, Chase wants to run all around, in the mulch. And, touch every plant and tree! 

Landscaping Around the House

Landscaping Around the House

Landscaping Around the House

Landscaping Around the House

Landscaping Around the House

Well, there you have it! What are some of your favorite landscaping trees and bushes? Let me know in the comment section, below!

Rachel Scheyer


  • May 25

    Beautifully done! Lots of hard work but the sense of accomplishment is the best reward… also enjoying the results