Labradoodle - Letter from Cooper

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Mommy’s Friends,

I have bad news. Mommy and daddy bought a new puppy. I don’t understand why they would do this, knowing that I am the King of the World, but they did. I am very upset.

Mom, how could you do this to me?
Sorry, pup. You are not welcome here. I am King of the World.

Thankfully, after a long talk with mommy, I think she told the other pup to “take a hike”. I mean, I haven’t seen him around, today.

I have a feeling mom and dad did this because I was bad this weekend. You see, one day, mommy and daddy had the audacity to spend the entire day playing in the kitchen…climbing furniture…and having a good ol’ time. Playing with blocks, too. They didn’t include me, at all.

Mommy playing with blocks without me!!
Mommy playing with blocks without me!!

And, they did not give me enough attention. I was so upset. I peed three times, in different places, in the kitchen. I wanted to teach them a lesson.

But, by the next day, I was getting lots and lots of attention. So, I think I will do this, now, whenever I am upset. Oh, and I’m going to tell on them next time Steve comes with his dog, Mira.

This is what I am used to. Lots of attention. Here, daddy is wrestling me! I’m clearly winning.
Don’t get jealous, mom. I play with daddy and snuggle with you. Let’s be fair, now.

Yeah, things are almost back to normal. Although sometimes mommy forgets my name and calls me “NO”. That is not my name, mom! That must be the other puppy’s name. The puppy that you had the audacity to bring home behind my back. My name is Cooper. And, I am the king of the world. Please get it straight.

Last week, mommy gave me a shower, instead of a bath. She sprayed the shower hose all over me and my puppy face. I’m not sure if I like this or not. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but I wasn’t in control, and I don’t like that. If that weren’t enough, mom got out THE HAIRDRYER. I don’t like the hairdryer at all. I need to chew on that when mommy isn’t looking.

I tried to run away, but mommy held me by the back legs. Just wait til I am full size. She's going down, people!
I tried to run away, but mommy held me by the back legs. Just wait til I am full size. She’s going down, people!
C'mon mom!! I don't smell like dirt!
C’mon mom!! I don’t smell like dirt!
I wiped! I wiped!!!
I wiped! I wiped!!!
Ok, this is just embarrassing.
Ok, this is just embarrassing.
I guess I'd rather stay like this over the blow dryer!
I’m not looking at you, mom. I’m disappointed in you. I want to do what I want to do.

Well, the good news is that I am growing really fast! I have memorized our daily routine. And, I only go potty inside the house when mommy and daddy are bad.

I have to go now. Mommy just got done picking up my toys, so I need to go and play with every single one.


Cooper, the world’s cutest labradoodle.





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