Dropping the Kitchen Ceiling

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Apparently, Scott does not want me to visit the House for a while.  According to him, I come up with new ideas which end up giving him more work to do.  Having said that, this project “Dropping the Kitchen Ceiling” was completed yesterday by Jeff and Scott.

Kitchen Ceiling 1

Originally, the ceiling in the kitchen (just like the rest of the first floor) was 12 feet from the floor.   Aside from the fact that our cabinets need to be a little taller to create a proportional room, we had a bathroom pipe installed (from the upstairs master bath) which would run across the back wall of the kitchen.  Most of you know…pipes in the house = Soffits!  I have nothing against soffits.  However, when a ceiling is 12 feet tall, I believe it makes better sense to simply (ok, not so “simply”) drop the entire ceiling a bit.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I was never a fan of 12 foot ceilings.  I know.  I know.  It’s so Elegant.  Some people love it!  I just don’t prefer a room that is oversized.  I prefer warm and cozy, remember?  However, these rooms really are not that large at all!  They are just tall.  (Like us!)


Maybe that’s why this house was meant for us.

Anyway, Scott did all the work.  I’m just writing about it… Now, our ceiling is about 10.5′ high.  I like that so much better!  And even though I would like for the entire downstairs to have a lowered ceiling, I know where to draw the line.

Also, you can see in the back corner (to the left of the sunroom-to-kitchen entrance) that Jeff also framed out our utility closet.  I love closets.  And, I love shelves.  I love anything that keeps things organized.  Scott thinks I’m a nerd about cleaning and organization, but hey isn’t that a good thing?

Here is a picture of this room before any Demo took place.  (Plaster lathe removed; Wall opened up to Den; Windows soon to be replaced; ceiling lowered; utility closet; etc.)

Kichen Pre-Demo
Kichen Pre-Demo
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