KIDS Gift Guide 2019-2020

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Nothing compares to celebrating the holidays with children. Most of us remember the days of excitement, wonder, and expectation that filled our childhood days with joy. Scott and I are so grateful to celebrate the upcoming holidays with our two year old son, Chase. Even though, I fear, this may be the last Christmas without the pressure of hunting down the unreasonably popular, most-requested toy. So, for those of you who do have children old enough to make such requests (in some cases, demands)… This Kids Gift Guide is for you.

Kids Gift Guide ~ 2019-2020

Under each section, is a compilation of some of the most requested toys for each age group. I did my best to link the retailer that is offering the best deal. I plan on updating this post, weekly, leading up to the holidays. Hopefully, this will make things a little easier for you and save you some money, as well. Let’s start at the top…


8-12 Year Old

4-7 Years Old



Kids Gift Guide

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