How to Apply Individual Lashes

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I’m often asked about my almost perfect eye lashes. Even though God didn’t give me perfect eye lashes. (Of course, my husband and Baby Blue have them!) Anyway, I can’t remember the first time I wore false eyelashes. What I do recall is having no luck with the traditional one-strip lash. It never looked natural. And, shortly after getting them to stay on, they’d peel off on one side or the other. Not attractive!

Then, about ten years ago, I had my lashes done at a salon, for a special occasion. They looked so natural, and stayed on for over a week! Soon after, I discovered that individual lashes and lash glue are available at any drug store! So, I decided to give try applying them, myself. 

I was so surprised! They were incredibly easy to apply. It took a little finesse and like anything else, I got better at it after a few times. But, I was so hooked with wearing individual lashes. The best part is that I felt that I didn’t need to wear any other eye makeup. Not to mention, it was such a time saver! (For those of us who have puny lashes. It can take a long time to apply mascara.)

So, I’m going to share all about individual lashes. Why they’re the better way to go. And, how to do it. From start to finish. (Removal.) I’ll even tell you what they’ll do to your natural lashes!

Let’s start with some before pics. Here I am with no make-up. As you can see my eye lashes are… eh, ok. 

How to Apply Individual Lashes

How to Apply Individual Lashes

What do you need to get started?

I will start out by saying that you need lashes in order to apply these individual lashes. (Just like you need hair to attach hair extensions to!) Every other week, I do make sure I leave my lashes natural. I can’t say that the extensions harm them in any way. But, I do feel that they may not grow when you’re wearing them. AND, it is possible to rip a few out if you’re not careful when you remove the lashes. 

I use the Ardell Duralash, Medium Length lashes in Black. Even though they say individual lashes, it’s really about ten individual lashes glued together in a ~V~ shape.  I don’t have time to do the single individuals!!How to Apply Individual Lashes

I also prefer the knot free. What this means is that the lashes are less binded together. The knot would be an extra glob of glue adhered to where the lashes meet.

The advantage to the knot is that they are stronger, so when you remove the lashes from the packaging (they’re slightly glued in there), they won’t rip as easily. I use tweezers. To remove each one from the packaging, and apply. 

So, you’ll also need tweezers, a mirror, (A handheld in addition to a wall mirror, is ideal!) eye-lash glue. And, mascara!

I find that the lashes adhere better when I first apply a light coat of mascara. (Just a light coat!) Enough to thicken your lashes. 

How to Apply Individual Lashes

This is the eyelash glue that I use. Also, by Ardell. In dark tone. (Or, black.) It actually looks like a dark grey color. But, once dried it gets darker.

Where do you get the supplies?

You can buy the lashes, the glue, and tweezers at any drug store. But, I get the 4 pack of individual lashes from Amazon. It is way cheaper than buying them, solo, at a drug store. (Less than $3.00 for pack.) 

How do you apply the lashes?

How to Apply Individual Lashes

So, I start by placing a small amount of eyelash glue, right onto the plastic strip that holds the lashes.

Using my pointy tweezers, I carefully remove one lash. Dip it in the glue and place it right above my natural lashes. (The glue basically adheres the individual lash to your real lashes.) You want the tip to touch your eye lid. I hold it in place for a second or two, then release the tweezers. 

How to Apply Individual Lashes

I usually start applying the lashes on the outside of my eye, and work my way in. But, it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes, I start in the center. Other times, I only do a few on the outside! And, keep it simple.

I recommend just trying a few different ways. Then, you’ll determine the best way. How many to apply, etc.

How to Apply Individual Lashes

As you can see, at first the glue looks goopy. But, it will dry within 5-10 minutes. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. But, typically, I’ll just let them dry on their own.

Another tip is that I will wait a few minutes after putting the glue on the lash tray. It gives it some time to get a little more “tacky”. And, it applies easier and dries quicker. 

How to Apply Individual Lashes

So, here is a close-up. They’re not 100% perfect, but they look pretty close to natural as you can get. Sometimes, I’ll fill them in by adding more lashes in between the spaces. It’s like you’re gluing lashes to the artificial lashes. 

How to Apply Individual Lashes

Do the lashes come off easily?

The good news is that these lashes stay on, very well! I can sleep with them and for the most part, they stay in tact. But, in the morning, a few may have disappeared. In which case, I’ll just replenish them. This is how I can get away with wearing the lashes for a longer period of time. 

When I’m ready to take them off, I just wash my face with soap and water. And, gently massage over my closed eyes. They eventually come right off.

individual eyelashes

Are the lashes waterproof?

Yes and no. If you accidentally go under water, it’s possible that the lashes can stay in tact. I try not to swim under water while wearing artificial lashes. But, I have done it a few times. They stayed on, but they felt heavy and loose. So, I try not to get them wet. They’re really not made for under water. 

Can artificial lashes ruin your real lashes?

Again, yes and no. When you remove your lashes, it’s possible to yank out your real lashes. I feel that they don’t grow while I’m wearing them. So, I go a week or two not wearing them. So, my real lashes can grow a bit. Then, I’ll apply the lashes for a week or two. Remember, you need lashes in order to wear artificial lashes. So, if you wear them for a really long amount of time, eventually your real lashes may not be strong enough (or thick enough) to hold them up! For this reason, I’d suggest wearing the lashes no more than a week or two. Then give your real lashes some time to get stronger.

Well, I think I answered most questions. Feel free to ask more questions in the comments section. Or, tell me! Do you wear artificial lashes? How do they work for you? If you enjoyed this post, you can save the graphic, below, to your Pinterest Board! Just click on it. 

Rachel Scheyer

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