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Reunified at No Cost - Just How Far Will the Foster Care System Go to Get a Child Reunified

Foster Care & Family

About this time, last year, Scott and I witnessed something disgraceful, as foster parents. Our 20-month-old foster baby girl (whom we nicknamed Banana and had been with us since leaving the NICU at five weeks old) was about to go through a devastation that her tiny, little body couldn’t handle. Her case worker, case worker’s supervisor, legal guardian, and bio family made the decision to have her reunified, by a court appointed date, at no cost.

It's Almost Time to Move On

Foster Care & Family

This time, last year, was the beginning of the end… As Baby Banana’s foster mom. At 19 months old, and for 18 months straight, I was the only mommy she had known. But little did Banana know that by her second birthday, she would leave us, for good. (You can read more about our experience with Banana, here.)

The past seven months have been a time for Grief. Grief like I’d never known before.  Confusion. Depression. Hopelessness. Anger. Isolation…

But, God has been gracious. I definitely sensed His presence all along. He has sent blessings along the way (like Baby Berry & Baby Blue). Now, it’s time to begin a new chapter. It’s time to conclude this grief process. It’s almost time to move on…

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