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The House on High Street

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Faux Beams - Elegant & Rustic Kitchen

The House on High Street

I’ve always wanted an elegant, yet rustic kitchen. I know an elegant and rustic kitchen may sound a bit like an oxymoron. But, if you remember back to my first post, My Kitchen, My Gift, I’ve always wanted a kitchen that was elegant and pretty, but also rustic and warm. Thanks to Scott’s help (and talent), and a full day of work, he and I both hung faux beams on the ceiling, of the kitchen, at The House on High Street.

Fixing Trim

The House on High Street

On Saturday, Scott and I spent a full day fixing the trim at The House on High Street.

We realized after the house was painted that, although the walls looked outstanding, and the trim looked “good”, there was still a lot of room for improvement. The painters went over nails, and disregarded holes. They did a half-fast job in sanding, scraping, and/or smoothing out the wood. In many areas, the wood looked rough, most likely because the wood was never sanded, correctly.

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