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Low Carb Irish Potatoes

Food & Home, Rachel Maria's Recipes

I grew up loving Irish Potatoes. These heavenly confections of delight only came around, once a year. Around St. Patrick’s Day. As delicious as they may be, Irish Potatoes are very high in sugar! So, this year, I decided to create low carb Irish potatoes, with less sugar.

In fact, I opted for organic agave nectar, which has a very low glycemic index. And, unsweetened coconut. Don’t worry, they are still delicious. They are still the perfect sweet treat for St. Patrick’s Day!

Warm Winter Salad ~ Butternut Squash & Quinoa

Food & Home, Rachel Maria's Recipes

I’m no different than most of the human population, hoping to start the New Year on a healthy note! The issue for me is that it’s harder to eat healthy during the winter months. (Right!?) Cold weather goes hand in hand with comfort food, and we all know that a cold and crisp salad is anything but comfort food. So, this past weekend I set out to create a warm winter salad that could bring us the best of both worlds. All the nutrition a salad would have with a comfort food feel. It’s delicious and warm and oh, so good!

Mexican Lasagna

Food & Home, Rachel Maria's Recipes

Scott and I both love Mexican Food. It’s one of my favorite ethnic foods eat and cook. Recently, I made what you’d call a Mexican Lasagna. It had layers, sauce, and cheese. Similar to Italian style lasagna. But with soft tortillas, taco-flavored beef, and sharp cheddar cheese. Since I host a few holiday dinners at the house, it’s nice having some easy and delicious recipes like this one on hand!

Easy Holiday Cookies

Rachel Maria's Recipes

Ok, here is why these are called EASY Holiday Cookies. (Secret, revealed.)

I use an already-made pie crust. Of course you can use a homemade pie crust if you prefer. But, my theory is, why do something that’s already done for you? These cookies are quick, easy, BEAUTIFUL, and oh so good.

They take about 10 minutes to assemble, and the kids love to help roll them up. I’ve been making these, in a pinch, for years. An easy crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Countdown

The House on High Street

So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving, this year? Congratulations! Or, shall we say, Good Luck? So far, Scott and I have hosted four Thanksgiving Dinners at The House on High Street. Rather successfully. Hosting any holiday dinner can be stressful. I think the best advice I can give you is to plan ahead and pace yourself. I created my own Thanksgiving Countdown! So, here are some tips for you in preparing for one of the greatest holidays, ever. Have fun!

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