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How to Apply Individual Lashes

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I’m often asked about my almost perfect eye lashes. Even though God didn’t give me perfect eye lashes. (Of course, my husband and Baby Blue have them!) Anyway, I can’t remember the first time I wore false eyelashes. What I do recall is having no luck with the traditional one-strip lash. It never looked natural. And, shortly after getting them to stay on, they’d peel off on one side or the other. Not attractive!

Then, about ten years ago, I had my lashes done at a salon, for a special occasion. They looked so natural, and stayed on for over a week! Soon after, I discovered that individual lashes and lash glue are available at any drug store! So, I decided to give try applying them, myself. 

2020 Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Beauty & Fashion, Fashion & Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to spring. Even though I feel this winter was pretty lame, in New Jersey. (Hardly any snow. Yet, a LOT of germs that didn’t seem to die off. Thus, making my house feel like an infirmary.) I LOONG for the warm breeze. Being outdoors. And, wearing Spring Clothes! I took the liberty of finding ALL of my favorite items that are trending this season. So, may I present to you this 2020 Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

Microblading Near Me

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Recently, I did something that I should have done long LONG ago! I got my eyebrows microbladed! I grew tired of hearing about it, and seeing such amazing results on every other Instagram Influencer. After turning forty, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Coincidently, I noticed my eyebrows thinning. Thankfully, I happened to find the best microblading place, near me. In Cherry Hill, New Jersey…

Warm & Cozy Winter Sale

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Christmas is over. For some of us, the winter season begins to feel dreary. The next three months are usually long and cold, in the northeast. There are a few things, however, that make this season warm and cozy. Warm fires, sweaters, comfy loungewear, soft pjs, fuzzy slippers, and faux fur blankets…to name a few. Thankfully, many retailers are hosting their annual Winter Sale. So, NOW is the best time to get whatever you need to stay warm and cozy!

FIVE Fabulous Fall Booties!

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In spite of the fact that it is officially FALL, it still feels like summer in New Jersey. Nevertheless, it’s a great time to shop for booties. They are the perfect transition between sandals and tall boots. They’re all much more versatile than tall boots. Right now, there are so many great styles. But, there are FIVE Fabulous Fall Booties that I could not wait to show you!

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