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How 2020, Tik Tok, Donald Trump, and Cancer have changed LE Woman

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Hi Friends! Long time no blog posting. As you know, 2020 has presented a series of turbulent circumstances. For me, it started out “going back to brunette” and growing as a Social Media Influencer on Instagram. Then COVID happened and the Black Lives Matter Movement ignited. Little did I know how much crazier things were going to get for me, as a result of this, and in conjunction to this!

Coincidently (but not really), I had been praying about my role as a blogger (and social media Influencer) a LOT. Even prior to 2020. Something on my heart was unsettling. I shared this sentiment, several times, on Instagram. “I believe I am on the right road. But, not the right path.”

In this blog post, I’m going to share the new direction of LE Woman. And, how three BIG things (much bigger than a hair color change) have influenced and prepared me for something exciting and new.


By coincidence (not really though), I got on Tik Tok in the beginning of quarantine. In a short amount of time, I was watching dozens of videos, daily. Uploaded from Americans, from sea to sea. I was amazed at the coverage. Go figure. A chinese-owned social media platform that allows people to upload NEWS before CNN and FOX get their hands on in. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see something happening than listen to the propagandized, twisted, biased version of what happened.

In addition to enjoying Tik Tok content, I began sharing my own video content. What started out as Lip Sync Comedy has turned into a Conservative Commentary and Conservative Comedy. Since 90% of the Media and Entertainment Industry is liberal. I recognized a need for a conservative perspective. So, that’s what I’m doing! I’m also gradually uploading some of my Tik Tok videos to You Tube. (As I know some people are reluctant to use this this Platform. Even though Facebook is probably more intrusive of our privacy, than we can imagine. Thus, why conservative content is often censored.)


Not sure if you know, but LE Woman evolved as a result of my health. In 2012 I experienced the perfect storm of autoimmune disorders. Unfortunately, my work as a school administrator, was affected. Long story short, several doctors urged me to resign. My health would only get worse. By this point, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis EBV, Hypothyroidism, and PMDD.

But, at the onset of 2020, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I chose to keep this private. (Only sharing with my immediate family and closest friends who prayed for me, daily.) This all happened during quarantine. (Which may explain my social-media standpoint on Covid-19. I talked to a LOT of doctors and nurses in several different locations. More on this, later.)

In early June, I had surgery to remove a tumor from my right breast. By the grace of God, the margins of the tumor and my lymph nodes were CLEAR! All related tests came back negative. There is/was no evidence of cancer. This is a result of prayer. I always said, Friends who pray are worth their weight in gold.

Of course, standardized modern medicine recommended chemotherapy. But, after seeing three doctors, I have decided to take the holistic approach, to starve any potential cancer cells. One thing I’ve learned from my medical history and experience as a school administrator: ONE SIZE FITS ALL STANDARDS never work for all.

I know that stress can cause cancer. Over the past 16 years, I’ve lost a husband. A home. A job. A child. And a pregnancy. God allowed me to experience these things for a reason. It’s just starting to come together, for me. I know the path God has paved for me. EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE of my past has prepared me for this.

Donald Trump

Like it or not; Know it of Not…2020 is a fight for the presidency of our country. The chaos we have experienced is NO COINCIDENCE. Some of us are aware of what’s been going on for the past four years. There has been an unprecedented number of attacks on our national president, Donald Trump. (Who has factually done more for the American People than any other president in our lifetime.)

The Media hates our president. The democrats on Capital Hill hate our president. The majority of Hollywood hates our president. Perhaps you hate our president.

There was a time that I did NOT believe Donald Trump was suitable for presidency. In fact, I got into many heated debates about this. I got caught up in the media’s interpretation of him. I was turned off by his womanizing past. I’m still turned off by some of his language. But, after doing a lot of research, and more importantly watching and his actions. And listening to the people who can testify to these actions, I have come to not only support Donald Trump as president. I believe he is the best president our country has had, in my lifetime.

A few weeks ago, I was harassed for wearing a Trump hat, in a grocery store parking lot. A man screamed to me, “You’re a Pedophile!” I don’t know what got into me, but I turned to my assailant and sternly yelled back, “Why are you harassing me?” He literally began to coward as he climbed into his truck. Oh, if he would have allowed me to have a debate with him, right then and there (in front of a few jaw-dropped bystanders) I would have gone ALL IN!

“How dare you call ME a pedophile. You presume the president is a pedophile, do you? Let me guess, your propaganda-inspired media brainwashed that into your brain, right? Congratulations. PROVE THIS TO ME. Show me a video. A confession. Anything that proves this. Little does you pea-sized, ignorant brain know what’s coming in a few months. You will learn what is really going on in Washington. You will learn who the real pedophiles are. THE ONES WHO HATE DONALD TRUMP.”

But, I didn’t.

I just turned around and walked into the grocery store. Where three different people said, “I love your hat” with a wink.

Here’s a recap of the most epic debate moment of 2012:

Hillary Clinton: “Ya Know, it is…it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the LAW in our country.”

Donald Trump: “Cause you’d be in jail.”

Moving Forward

I’m not sure, specifically, what this new path will look like, for me. 2020 has undoubtedly been a roller coaster for me, as it has for our country, and everyone in it!

My health is a priority. My family is a priority. (I’ll provide an update on Chase, soon. He’s doing so much better now that he is seeing friends, again!) Doing God’s will is a priority. (I’m a work-in-progress.)

I think LE Woman is going to morph into something more Truth-Centered Commentary and Conservative Entertainment Resource. When I say, Conservative Entertainment, what I really mean is without a brainwashing affect. I’ll share more about this in my coming posts. And, I’ll keep you “posted” on where and how I’ll continue sharing content.

I hope you’ll continue to follow along and show your support. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see or how LE Woman can evolve into something more relevant, in today’s changing times, please leave a comment below! God bless you! xo

Rachel Scheyer

How to Keep a Busy Toddler BUSY ~ at HOME!

Foster Care & Family

I was just getting into a rhythm with my blogging schedule, having Chase in daycare, a few days a week. As an only child, it was actually more beneficial for him, for the socialization skills. Chase’s attention span is very short, even for his age. He is a busy toddler. One who loves physical activities, hands-on play, and being around other children. So, as you can imagine, it’s been a challenge, during this season of the Covid-19 Quarantine. Fortunately, my years as an Elementary School Teacher, helped me in preparing for these few weeks. So, now I’m sharing this with you: How to keep a busy toddler busy. At home!

The Power of Resilience

Foster Care & Family, Health & Fitness

Dear Friend. I have a message for you, today. I know during our most difficult circumstances, we struggle with a lot of fear. Whether it’s a recent loss of a loved one, a break up with the love of your life, unemployment, sickness, depression, you name it… FEAR can make its way into our mind and hearts.

“I’ll never recover from this. I’ll never be the same. I’ll never be able to move on. I’ll never be happy. I’ll never be able to replace what I just lost…”

But there is something that takes root at the very first moments of despair, and that is RESILIENCE. It’s a God-given characteristic that we all possess. Whether we know it or not. Or like it or not. Life may not get easier. But one thing is for certain, we will get STRONGER and more RESILIENT.

Surviving the Terrible Twos

Baby, Foster Care & Family

Lawd, help me. Chase is turning two, in a few weeks. Scott and I have already observed behaviors that can only be explained as “The Terrible Twos”. Now, I’m no expert. I have only been around children and babies for many, many years. I think the terrible twos can manifest in many different ways. And, there is no one size fits all description of it nor remedy for it. In this blog post, I’m going to share some general things I’ve learned about this critical stage of life. And, how I am literally praying my way through it!

Acai Bowl ~ WHERE Have You Been All My Life?

Foster Care & Family

It looks like sorbet. Tastes like sorbet. And, it’s one of THE GREATEST SUPERFOODS ON THE PLANET! Acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee’) is a small, dark purple fruit that is found in tropical rain forests. An acai bowl is created with acai pulp, typically blended with additional frozen fruit, and topped with treasures of you name it…Granola, Coconut, Berries, banana, cacao nibs, etc. I seriously don’t understand how I have gone over 45 years without even trying an acai bowl. To say that I am now eternally hooked, is an understatement.

Chase is Turning Two ~ Summary of the Past Year

Foster Care & Family

In a few weeks, my little boy is turning two. It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on Chase! So much has happened during this past year. Chase has experienced some monumental milestones. From his first steps to his official adoption day, in April. Prior to that, I wasn’t able to show photos of his face. So, in this blog post, I’m going to share a summary of Chase (with lots of photos) from the past year.

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