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"Why Did You Become a Foster Parent?"

Extraordinarily Yours

“You’re an angel from heaven…” “You’re such a strong woman…” “I could never do what you do…” “There’s a special place in heaven for people like you…”

Just a few of the flattering remarks I’ve heard. Ever since we said, “I DO”, to becoming foster parents. Honestly? I thought, at the very least, I was a strong woman. Maybe, even a strong Christian. Until I became a foster parent. 

Heartbreak Protocol

Extraordinarily Yours

I’ve had many devastating occurrences in my adult years. Most recently, I lost a foster child, after raising her for her first two years of life. I knew, going into fostering, the risk of getting my heart broken. But, NOTHING can prepare you for the pain of watching a child, whom you’ve mothered and nurtured from the beginning, being forced to transition out of your life. 

Baby Berry

Baby, Extraordinarily Yours

I’m coming off of another hiatus. I guess it’s just not meant for me to ever feel settled long enough to establish a pattern in my life. (sigh) This is why I started writing my mantra, Living Extraordinary. It means valuing the uniqueness of our lives and living every nook and cranny to its potential.


Let me share with those of you who missed my update on FB what happened with Banana. A beautiful 2-year old foster child that has been reunified with her Bio Family on her second birthday; after spending her first 2 years of life with us.

PMDD Sometimes

Extraordinarily Yours

PMDD Sometimes

Dear Friend, it’s been a while
Sorry- been keeping to myself.
There’s just only part of me
that I want you to see.
And, sometimes it’s too hard to be around.

Hello there, don’t mind me
Sorry- tryin to feel myself again.
At times I just don’t know
Who I am or where to go.
And, sometimes it’s too much to understand.

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