How to Decorate for FALL ~ Under $100

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The Fall season is drawing near. I love this time of year, for good reason. The air is crisp and fresh. The aroma of fall can’t be beat. Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Cedar, etc. The colors are so vibrant. And, it’s hands-down the best time for outdoor photos!

Before moving into The House on High Street, I only had a townhouse or condo to decorate. It can be expensive decorating even a small space. So, now having a larger space, things can get out of hand! In this post, I’m going to show you How to decorate for Fall ~under $100!

I should probably preface this post by admitting that I am not a fan of Halloween. (I know. Boo! No pun, intended.) I don’t even like Halloween decorations. That being said, decorating for Fall, in my home is probably more economical than one who decorates for Halloween and Thanksgiving. (For obvious reasons.) I also feel that general fall decor (pumpkins, fall foliage, etc.) is more homey, traditional, and classy. 

If you’re on a tight budget, there are still ways you can decorate for Fall without spending a dime! I know it’s late for this year, but have you ever considered planting pumpkin seeds? It’s actually very easy to do, and if you plant them at the right time you can have FREE pumpkins, right out of your garden.

Also, if you take a walk around your house (inside and out), you may be surprised at what you already have that could be used for Fall decorations! For example: Mason Jars. Vases. A Red Wagon. Wooden Crates. Lanterns. Candles. Baskets. Acorns. Pine Cones. Hard beans. Dried orange slices. (Anything with fall colors: Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow ~ Such as a plaid throw blanket!) 

If you have the time to put a few things together, here is the best blog post (that I could find) containing some of the cutest DIY ideas. These can definitely save you a lot of money in decorating for Fall! 120 Best DIY Fall Decor Ideas

See!? You’re already off to a good start.

Now, I’m going to provide suggestions on what you can purchase and where-to-buy some of the items recommended. I did a lot of the legwork for you and tried to find the best prices. But, another recommendation I like to give is to always check out your local dollar store, first! You’d be surprised on what you can find in Fall Decor. 

Let’s start with a bare bones decor plan. There are generally five areas in your home that should take priority, when it comes to decorating. The Porch. The Kitchen. The Living Room. The Main Entrance. And, the Powder Room. 

The Porch

The porch (or front steps) is the first thing everyone sees, so this should be a priority spot. Mums are my favorite, but shop around wisely because they can be expensive! I’d rather buy 2 huge Mums over several small ones. But, again, they can still cost a pretty penny (Like $30 or more/each!) So, a great alternative is cornstalks and hay bales (which typically cost $5-$10/each). If you have columns, the cornstalks look AWESOME tied around them with some crafter’s wire.  Consider wrapping a pretty bow made from burlap or ribbon to add an extra touch.

Real pumpkins are a must. Get a few big ones and several medium sized ones. Arrange them in clusters. Then, add any of these options: A throw blanket if you have a porch chair or rocker. A Fall Entry Mat. A pretty wreath on the door. Done!

The Kitchen

Fall Decor
Fall Decor
Fall Decor
Fall Decor
Fall Decor
Excuse the mess. This is my kitchen, on a typical day, decorated for Fall.

So, for the kitchen, it’s always best to designate a focal point. In my house, it’s the stove hood. My mom has a beautiful bay window and that is her kitchen’s focal point. Ideally, this is all you need to worry about. I like to adorn my stove hood with orange twinkle lights and autumn leaf garland. I also like to place miniature pumpkins on the window sills. You can’t really see it here, but I keep a decorated hand towel on my stove handle. It adds a nice touch. 

So, if you want to do bare bones in the kitchen, I’d recommend Pumpkin or fall foliage decorated hand towels. A fall candle. Orange lights and Fall foliage.  Consider real or fake Pumpkins for the window sills or counter.

Oh, I always keep fresh apples handy, as well. I love the smell of cinnamon and apples. Sometimes, I’ll just boil peeled apples in water and add cinnamon and sugar. It makes the house smell soooo good. Just like Fall!

The Living Room

fall decor
Fall Decor
Fall Decor
Fall Decor

If you have a mantle, this is the perfect focal point for decorations! I’d recommend going with a burlap, pumpkin banner. Orange lights wrapped around Fall Garland. Perhaps a pillow for the sofa. And, you’re all set! 

Main Entrance/Center Hallway:

fall decor

For the traditional center hall, the stairs would be the perfect focal point. You can place pumpkins on the last few steps. Some candles. Fall Foliage. If you have a table in the hallway (or wherever the main entrance is), place these items on that. For a bench or a chair, just throw a rustic plaid blanket over it. 

Powder Bath

Fall Decor

For the powder bath, at the very least, consider adding a Fall Hand towel. And/or a Fall candle.

From there, you can always add a vase with orange flowers, fall stems, orange colored eucalyptus or pip berry sprays!

This type of fall foliage is relatively inexpensive, and can go anywhere around the house. 

I also love the idea of pumpkin flavored hand soap in the powder room!

Ok, so there you have it. Plenty of ideas to get you started. Don’t feel that you need to buy everything in one year! At the very least, try to decorate these few spaces with even just a few items. And, remember, start with what you have.

If you have any clever and crafty ideas to decorate your home for Fall, I’d love to hear them from you!

Fall Decor

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1.) Burlap Banner $7.99  2)  Orange Lights $12 3.) Throw Blanket $8.00 4.) Wreath $25 5.) Kitchen towels $5.99 6.) Fall Candle $5.99 7.) Fall Foliage $6.99 8.) Pillow $4.99 9.) Fall Garland $12.00

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