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Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of concealers for covering up dark spots or blemishes on my face. I find that as I get older I prefer less coverage. My skin is not as smooth as it was in my earlier, adult years. And, my priorities and preferences have changed. I like having an SPF in my concealer (and foundation). I also prefer something that goes on fairly light, and can last all day. I consider it a bonus if it’s waterproof so that I can wear it on vacation. 

In this post, I’m going to share my review on five concealers that I’ve recently tried over the past year! Yes, I spent that much time. Wearing each one, for up to two months! Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, and finding the right foundation and/or concealer is an important step in the right direction.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to write this review. All opinions are my own. However, I do get a small commission whenever you shop using my links, on my website. (So, thank you, in advance, for your support!!)

Identify Priorities and Know What You’re Doing!

Before we get into my reviews, I need to stress something. There is a right and a wrong way to apply concealer! I highly suggest that you know what you are doing, before what you are buying!

If you are under age 35, I suggest watching this Youtube video:

If you are over age 35, watch this one: 

Now that I am in my forties, I definitely have different priorities for coverage. I have puffiness under my eyes. (Not so much dark circles, but a shadow from the puffiness.) I also have sun spots after years of sun exposure. These shadows and spots need some good concealer to do the trick!

I have no makeup on in this photo. As you can see, I have puffiness under my eyes and a lot of sun spots (freckles) to conceal!



So, let’s get to the reviews, now…

Lancome Effacernes Long Lasting Water Proof ~ Retails for $31

I started using this last summer. It’s available in most department stores and averages around $31. At first I thought this was way too expensive, but  compared to the other four concealers I’m reviewing, you’re getting the most product, right here! (You have to compare ounce for ounce.)

Anyway, there are over a dozen shades to choose from. I really liked the coverage of this concealer. I had the makeup counter girl help me match my color. (That’s highly recommended if you can get help!) It is definitely water proof! I wore it on our vacation and found that I did not need to reapply, while out in the sun and in the pool, etc. 

Also, this is a more natural looking concealer, with a matte finish. If you have very dark circles, this may not do enough coverage for you. I do feel that it goes on smoothly and overall, I was happy with the coverage.

The only downside to this concealer was that I broke out a little. I’m not sure why as I don’t believe it has mineral oil in it. I still have a half of a tube left, so I’ll give it another try, this summer! 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ~ Average Retail is for $6.00

Obviously, you do not need to buy an expensive concealer to do the job! I heard great things about Maybelline’s “Fit Me” concealer, before giving it a shot. Averaging around six dollars, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity! 

For starters, this product claims to be oil free, and I had no issues with break outs. That’s a plus. I felt that the coverage was “very good” and natural looking, for the most part. It blended in beautifully and lasted for the whole day.

(Side note: If you really want your makeup to last long, don’t forget to use a primer! It really helps!) 

Maybelline recently added six additional shades to its original six. So, there are now twelve shades to choose from. I feel that they still need more for lighter complexions, because the one I had was a little too dark (sand sable) and the two shades that are lighter had more of a pink undertone. (I am olive complexion.) I also felt that the coverage was “ok”.

Shape Tape by Tarte ~ Retails for $27

I was so excited to try this concealer! I hear so much about it from just about every Instagram Influencer! I went into Sephora, one day, after Christmas. I learned that Sephora does not carry it. Only Ulta carries this particular product by Tarte. (Of course, you can get it online by Tarte or Amazon. Or, QVC which usually includes a beauty blender with no up-charge!)

As you may recall, I am a HUGE Tarte fan! I love how most of their products are more on the “cleaner” side. Tarte also added more shades to their Shape Tape product line. There are now a whopping THIRTY to choose from. Another stand-out feature is the extra large applicator sponge (do-hickey). I actually liked that, but some may not. 

Unlike Tarte’s Amazonian clay foundation which I’ve used in the past, Shape Tape is not waterproof. But, it does last a good eight hours! Even though it doesn’t claim to be long-wearing. I also noticed a little perfume-y smell. Nothing major, but there’s definitely a scent there. 

Overall, I really liked this concealer. Did it live up to all the hype? Honestly? Not so much. It’s really good. But, not my favorite amongst the five I’ve tried in the past year.


Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Illumination by IT Cosmetics ~ Retails for $26

First off, IT Cosmetics has a bunch of options in the concealer department. There are correctors, a concealing pot, under eye concealers, break-out concealers, and anti-aging illumination concealers. Just to name a few! It can be very confusing!

I tried the Bye Bye Under-eye (anti-aging) Illumination concealer. I decided to get the smaller tube. (On Amazon you can get a .28oz for $18.00.) I guess by this point, I just didn’t want to invest too much. 

My first impression was that this product is so thick. Super thick! It’s actually a little tough to get it out of the tube. I got the color, LIGHT. Which may be too light for my complexion. 

Evidently, this is a #1 best-selling, award winning concealer. It is now available in 12 true-to-skin shades. So, I probably should have tried the next shade up: natural. It is also said to have drops of light technology to give you a lit-from-within glow. The formula has several anti-aging ingredients from hydrolyzed collagen to hyaluronic acid, vitamins, etc. So, I can see why this is an award winner! 

The coverage was very good. But, a little too much for my taste. Probably because the consistency is super thick. It didn’t crease too much and it lasted for several hours. But, I just wasn’t a fan of the consistency. So, for this reason, I’m not making a commitment to try it again, just yet. 


Kat Von D Lock It Concealer ~ Retails for $27

The first thing that stood out to me about this concealer was that it claims to last for 24 hours. That’s just crazy, girls! (Who on earth needs to wear makeup for 24-hours straight? (Not this SAHM!) It also comes in 21 shades.

I absolutely fell in love with it, very early on! This concealer is highly pigmented, but not too thick. Its applicator is a tear drop shape which makes it versatile in getting into small spots and larger areas. It feels light-weight yet provides such outstanding coverage! I also felt that it was moisturizing, so I had the least amount of creasing using this product. 

So far, this is my favorite concealer. In spite of having puffiness under my eyes and sun spots, I feel that this concealer does the best job in evening out my skin and minimizing the puffiness under my eyes. I may not be a beautician nor a makeup artist, but if someone asked me to recommend a concealer, this would be my first suggestion to try. See for yourself! 




Well, I can’t say that I wouldn’t try more concealers. There’s only about a zillion others on the market, right now! LOL

Which one is your favorite? Is there one that you’d like to see me try, next? Let me know in the comment section, below. 

Rachel Scheyer

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