Chase is Turning Two ~ Summary of the Past Year

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In a few weeks, my little boy is turning two. It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on Chase! So much has happened during this past year. Chase has experienced some monumental milestones. From his first steps to his official adoption day, in April. Prior to that, I wasn’t able to show photos of his face. So, in this blog post, I’m going to share a summary of Chase (with lots of photos) from the past year.

Between the ages of one and two, a baby becomes a toddler. It’s an exciting time for any parent to just sit back… (Wait a minute. There is NO sitting, at this age!) I mean, it’s a great time for any parent to have some FUN, and a lot of LAUGHS! This is when babies become little people with HUGE personalities.

The second year of life is full of FIRSTS. Babies-turned-Toddlers will hit a lot of milestones. They’ll make a lot of developments. And, they’ll make a LOT of changes! I’m excited I can finally summarize Chase’s second year of life (before he officially celebrates his second birthday) in PICTURES! And, yay, I can finally show his face! : )

A Bunch of FIRSTS

This past year, Chase has morphed from a baby to a toddler! He has achieved many milestones and made many changes. He also experienced a lot of FIRSTS. From his FIRST Birthday party to his FIRST haircut. Here’s a summary in pictures:

Chase’s First Birthday Party
Last time I showed this photo, I had to cover Chase’s cute little face.
Chase’s FIRST Phillies Game. This was actually around 11 months old. But, it’s too cute to leave it out. It looks like I’m holding a DOLL!
In the fall, last year, Chase graduated from the portable baby tub to the farm sink! He’s still getting baths in there, because it’s pretty large.
Chase’s FIRST Cookie. He ate the whole cookie. Today, he is not crazy about sweets. Miraculous!
This was actually Chase’s second Christmas. But, he was obviously more aware of his surroundings. I’ll never forget this Christmas morning. I felt like I was opening the BEST Gift from God above.
In February, Chase had his first time on an airplane (to Florida) and his first walk on the beach!
Chase had his first haircut in the spring! He has a great head of hair. So, I have a feeling he’ll be getting a dozen more this year!
First Outdoor Play Set! It’s perfect because CHASE loves to climb!

Chase’s Appetite

This time, last year, Chase was shoveling food in his mouth. It was the cutest thing, and I captured a lot of it on video. But, nowadays, he is learning to use a little fork and spoon. His tastebuds have also evolved.

This was about 15 months old. Chase was in full-force shoveling mode when it came to meal times.
This is from a few months ago. Chase’s taste buds have changed and he is learning to use utensils. And, chopsticks!

Originally, Chase was eating all the good things. From vegetables to white meat. But lately, Chase has become much more picky with food. He knows what his FAVORITES are and will hold out for his top picks! (Guess I can’t blame him.) Today, he is crazy about…

  • FRUIT! (He could live on fruit, and applesauce, if I’d let him!
  • The WHITES of Hard Boiled Eggs (Score!!)
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese (It has to be yellow. Don’t ask.)
  • Everything Bagel (Because my Jewish husband wouldn’t allow it any other way) with Cream Cheese
  • Cashews, Hotdogs, and Tostito Chips…are a definite maybe.

Chase’s Personality

Another thing I’m noticing about Chase is that he is developing quite the personality. I don’t know where he gets it from (eh hem)… But, Chase is very silly. And, playful! I feel like he already understands my sense of humor. If I were to label his disposition and personality in four words, it would be HAPPY. CURIOUS. KIND. CONFIDENT.

Here are some great captures, from the past year, that showcase his personality…

Chase has a smile that can light up a room. (Or, in this case, an entire beach! lol) In spite of developing the typical toddler emotions, his disposition is primarily HAPPY.
Chase’s smile is contagious! As a HAPPY toddler, he brings such joy to everyone around him.
Turning Two
Chase is often wanting to explore things on his own. I let him, most of the time. Sometimes, it turns into a game of “Catch Me if you Can!” LOL
Turning Two
Chase is very active. He loves being CHASE-D. Go figure.
Turning Two
“Mom, let’s go this way!”
I’m often told, by others, that Chase is just a SWEET boy. I love how he grabs my face sometimes, and just tries to eat me. LOL (I do the same, to him!)

Chase’s Favorite Things

This past year, I’ve observed that Chase was an Out-of-the-Box thinker. He wasn’t necessarily excited over toys. He was excited with anything that would arouse his curiosity! For example, Chase would spend hours going through my kitchen cabinets. Early on, I decided to look just a few (that were unsafe), and keep kid-friendly items in those that were “unlocked”. Such as plastic items, containers, spices with tight lids. And, I would just always keep an eye on him and let him wear out his curiosity!

Today, he is becoming a little more excited about TOYS. Recently, he began watching Jurassic World. (Please don’t judge. This was allll Scott’s doing!) By the time I found out, Chase was obsessed with dinosaurs. So, of course, our house is now full of dinosaur figures. I suppose it goes hand in hand with being a confident child.

Chase is really into Dinosaurs right now. He loves to imitate “roaring” sounds.

Aside from dinosaurs, Chase is obsessed with airplanes!

Chase loves looking in the sky at airplanes!

Chase also loves playing with large toy trucks, SAND, and believe it or not WATER!

Chase loves playing with sand. Recently, we both discovered our love for Kinetic Sand!
Turning Two
Chase absolutely loves playing with water.
Turning Two
One day, Chase wanted to go out in the rain. It was worth a few minutes of fun and a lifetime of this memory!
Chase also loves going on bike rides! By the time, I’m worn out, he will not let me take him out of the seat!

Turning TWO

Overall, this past year has been a great ride! I’m grateful that I was a stay-at-home Mom, because I understand that this is not always an option for mommies. But, the time has come for Chase to be around other children, more.

This week, Chase started part-time Daycare. (Three half-days per week.) Mainly, because as an only child, Chase is wanting to play with his peers. The other benefit, is that I can now have uninterrupted time frames to dedicate to LE Woman! Woot Woot! AND, I can finally catch up on household things along with hostessing!

In a few weeks, Chase is officially turning two. So, I’ll be planning his Birthday Party, and YES! You’ll be seeing a lot of that captured on here. So, stop back! Until then, thanks for reading and sharing in our extraordinary journey. AS PARENTS! (Not just foster parents. ; )

Rachel Scheyer

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