Black Friday 2019 ~ What to Buy & Where to Find It!

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I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday. On one hand, I love a great deal, just like the next girl. But, I love Thanksgiving a lot more. The idea of cutting this holiday short to save some money is a tempting trap. Not to mention, I would rather pay someone to stand in a claustrophobia-induced crowd, on my behalf. (And, that kinda puts me back at square one.) Last but not least, it’s so confusing to figure out what to buy and where to find it. So, in this blog post, I’m going to share some tips I have learned, that can help you get the most out of your Black Friday. While saving you TIME and money. Because both are pretty sacred, this time of year!

Black Friday 2019

Over the years, Black Friday has made some significant changes. I think for the better. While some items will always be a headache and a hassle to procure, a lot of things can be purchased online. In addition, some of the deals start early and carry on through to Cyber Monday. Lets start with some tips and pointers to get you prepared.

Black Friday 2019

How to Prepare

1.) Make a list of items you need or want to give as a gift, for the upcoming holiday. Now highlight the items that are over $100. I wouldn’t waste your time on finding deals on a $15 board game. Try to narrow down those big items to FIVE.

2.) The most popular things to search for, on Black Friday are…

  • Apple Products
  • Electronics: TVs, Tablets, Smart Phones
  • Gaming System/Bundles & Video Games
  • Home Appliances
  • Travel Deals

3.) Things to SKIP, unless you have all the time in the world…

  • Toys
  • Clothes (If you really want some top name brand items, see below.)
  • Christmas Decor
  • Bedding
  • Outdoor Items

4.) Identify the items you’re in search of down to the specifics. It is too easy to think one retailer is offering a better deal on an item. When in reality, you’re not comparing apples to apples. For example, the “Instant Pot” has 6 different models to choose from, across 3 different product lines, sizes, and price ranges! So, identify the make, model, size, etc. before you compare prices.

5.) If you really want to make things as simple as possible: Choose THREE top retailers and place items in your cart, NOW. Check out your cart prices DAILY now through Black Friday. When you see a deal that works for you, snag it. Things do sell out, so even if you can save 30% of something you plan on buying….that may be better than waiting to save 40% but not getting it at all.

Black Friday Deals for Fashionistas

Quick tangent for those of you Fashionistas, who have been waiting for deals on some designer items. (Not Top Designer, but names like UGG, SPANX, Hunter, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Barefoot Dreams, etc.) Here are my top picks…

Black Friday Top Retailers

If I had to narrow down my top retailers to shop Black Friday Deals it would be Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Kohls. (If it was for Fashion Deals, it would be Nordstrom. But, that’s just because I love so much about Nordstrom, in general…) AND, if I had to pick just one place to shop (for those of you going out, physically…) I would say, go to KOHL’s. Why? Because their Kohl’s Cash incentive creates the most overall savings. But, I did go ahead and pick out some stellar deals from each of my top FIVE retailers…

Best Buy

I think Best Buy will have some incredible deals on the iPhone 11. Especially if you can trade in your existing iPhone. (Other phones will need to be evaluated, in store.) As far as the Apple Watch, don’t expect too much in savings on the latest series (Series 5). However, many feel the Series 4 is the greatest bang for your dollar, anyway! (Some updates are better than others, and the Series 3 to the Series 4 was more remarkable than the upgrade to the Series 5.)


Walmart’s Black Friday Doorbusters will be live on November 27 (via Doorbusters section). Some of these sales are already live! Some of their best competitive (hard-to-beat) deals are…

Also, you can save $20 on their video games, NOW!


Amazon Black Friday deals are LEGIT. Some have already started, some are upcoming….but you need to act quickly! My recommendations include


Target has some great deals available NOW. You can save 25% off HOME Good & TOYS and $10 when you spend $40 on Clothes. Target also has great markdowns on the cutest Family PJ Sets. But, here are the deals that impressed me, the most…


Kohl’s doorbuster deals will go live at Midnight. And, with the Kohl’s Cash incentive, KOHLS will offer some of the best deals. Especially on items such as Xbox One X, Beats Wireless, LG OLED 55-Inch TV, and Canon EOS Rebel. The only strike against Kohl’s is the $50 minimum Shipping. But if you buy any of the electronics listed above, it will be a non-issue.

Black Friday 2019

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