Be Mine, Baby Blue!

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It’s been a while since I provided an update on Baby Blue. He just turned sixteen months, and by summer, he’ll be mine! (Ours ; ) 

A New Day Has Come

I’m going to be completely honest. After Baby Banana left us, abruptly and insensitively (after two years of loving her, as our own), I didn’t think I’d be able to love another child, the same. Baby Blue arrived two months after Banana’s departure. Even though I was not at my best, I welcomed the light he brought into my world.

Our first embrace. “You had me at, Hello!”

Baby Blue was special from the start.

I learned from the get-go that Scott and I were specifically selected to receive this baby boy. Evidently, there was someone (an angel, I’d say) who was instrumental in making sure “we” got him because “this person” knew what we had just gone through.

Hell. And, back again. 

Baby Blue’s situation had a lot of adoption potential. (Basically, there were no family members attempting to take full care of him.) But, of course I was guarded! It’s the same scenario described to me when we got the call for Banana.

Baby Blue was barely 5 lbs when we brought him home from the hospital.

We sat in an office with the case workers before we reached our decision. I broke down as one-by-one, three different case workers sat with me and tried to convince me that this was very likely going to be an adoption. The pain of losing Banana was still so fresh. The pain in losing trust in people I thought would have helped her, when we were all so desperate. 

After they left the room, I did feel a peace. Scott and I both agreed. We knew that Baby Blue was a gift from God. 

I remember every part of the night we went to pick up Blue from the hospital. He was so tiny. Barely five pounds. The most beautiful baby boy I have ever, EVER seen. Miraculously, he showed no signs of withdrawal, and was released after just one week after birth.

I can’t help but to think know that God had all of this planned out, perfectly. Because the fact is: If Banana did NOT leave, we would NOT have Baby Blue in our lives. I don’t like to admit this. But, it’s true. In our crazy, messed up, sin-stained world, this is what I see more and more of. Our hearts get broken, but then God brings us something NEW. Something beyond our expectation. 

For God works all things together for good for those who love him. Romans 8:28

God has a way of healing broken hearts. His promises are true. When He says that He is near the brokenhearted. Please know, HE IS RIGHT THERE. Whispering, “Just trust me. Hang on. And, trust me.”

A month before this past Christmas, Scott and I were told that Baby Blue would be officially “ours” by the spring! We started the adoption paperwork, diligently. We are still waiting on some signatures. (The longest part. Go figure!) After that, we will be assigned our court date.

I have a feeling that court room is going to be full of a lot of people on that day. 

Scott and I have extraordinary families and friends. There are many special people, in Baby Blue’s life. They’ve been there from the beginning of this journey. I can’t wait to celebrate with them. I’m praying that this is finalized by Mother’s Day. That’d be the best Mother’s Day Gift I could ever dream of!

Baby Blue, a little over ONE!

Update on Baby Blue

So, let me switch gears, here. I want to share some things about Baby Blue. (Before I can officially show his photo on social media and announce his real name!) 

Baby Blue turned sixteen months old, this month. He is walking. Running! Climbing steps. Climbing EVERYTHING! 

He loves to eat! Lord have mercy. This boy will eat anything you want him to try! I eat peanut butter, off the spoon, like there’s no tomorrow. So, Blue gets spoonfuls of peanut butter, too. And, now that he has an almost FULL mouth of teeth (Goodness gracious, so thankful the teething days are behind us!) Blue loves to eat things that are crunchy. And, he really enjoys healthy food! Vegetables, fruit, meat, yogurt, etc. 

Baby Blue’s Favorite Food: Meatballs!!
“I’m sorry, did I make a mess, again?”

Blue has found his way into the snacks from our cupboard. He’ll hand me a box of graham crackers and wait for me to allow his little hand to reach in and grab one. Or, five! Sometimes, he’ll share with Cooper.

Blue ALWAYS does something to make me laugh!!

He is finally starting to sit long enough for me to start reading a book. (This was Banana’s favorite thing to do! And, she could never get enough.) Blue has a much shorter attention span. Two pages in and he’s done. He’s gone.

It’s like, “Once upon a time…Alrighty, then. THE END!”

Another thing I love is that Blue is super affectionate. If you ask him for a kiss he bows his head down, towards you. He also tucks his little hands under his belly (to keep them warm) whenever we are holding him. He’s still so tiny. But, he walks with such fierce confidence. I think he believes he is a giant. 

Baby Blue’s first word was mamma. Then dad-da. Lately, he’s been attempting to turn noises and sounds into syllables. But, Scott and I know his language. When he is hungry. Tired. Fussy, etc. Isn’t that something!?

Blue loves playing with cars. Watching mommy cook! (Tasting the food, of course.) Having morning coffee, AKA: Milk Bottle, with daddy, in the mornings. And, playing Hide and seek with mommy! And, Cooper! 

Be Mine, Baby Blue
Baby Blue loves to watch me cook.

He’s been a great sleeper, for the most part, since the beginning! Overall, he is just a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby boy. (Toddler, actually!) 

I will forever be grateful that God, in His glorious mercy, has chosen me to be Blue’s mommy. He not only gave me a child I could actually call, MINE. In my opinion, God gave me the very best that He had. I’m so in love, again.

In closing, if you are (or someone you know is) going through a heartbreak, I sincerely hope that you’ll hang on another day! Trust that God is preparing His best, to come your way. There are a few songs that truly speak to what I’ve gone through. They’ve provided such light and hope! “A New Day” by Celine Dion & “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” by Danny Gokey.” These two are my favorite! I hope they’ll bless you as they have blessed me! 

Rachel Scheyer