Baby Blue's FIRST Birthday Party

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Baby Blue has recently turned ONE! On Sunday, we celebrated his first birthday, with an intimate birthday party, at The House on High Street. We had our immediate family, a cake, and some homemade Italian food. It was a great celebration! Even though I can’t (yet) show you Baby Blue’s adorable face, I can still share some photos and highlights from his First Birthday Party

Baby Blue’s First Birthday Party

First of all, I still can’t believe that Baby Blue is officially ONE. He still seems tiny, to me and Scott. (Even though he has tripled in size since we took him home from the hospital.) I can’t help but feel a little guilty that he wasn’t able to understand or appreciate yesterday’s celebration. Not to mention, Scott and I worked so hard in the planning and decorating, etc. We feel that we didn’t get to spend as much time with Blue, as we wanted. It’s all good though. I know one day, he’ll be grateful that we celebrated his most special birthday. 

I decided to make Italian style gravy, with meatballs and sausage, for the main course. It was fairly easy since I was able to make it in advance and freeze it, as well. All we really needed to do yesterday, for the dinner, was warm everything up and bake the stuffed shells (also super easy). I made a large salad and several yummy appetizers. My buffalo chicken dip (recipe coming soon), avocado dip, bruschetta, and my homemade spinach and pepperoni stromboli. Scott made his infamous pigs in a blanket. The appetizers were so delicious and probably the best part of the meal!

I decided to go with a “Little Man” theme. Basically, bow ties and mustaches. With green and blue colors. It was so cute! Blue wore his little bowtie to match. And, I lucked out with this comfortable sweater from Target! 

This is Blue’s Photo Board, with some of our favorite pics from the past 12 months! Super easy to make with a few craft boards, twine, and mini clothes pins!

I found a great cake idea, off of Pinterest. I must say, our local bakery did an outstanding job. Not only in the presentation. But the cake, itself, was delicious! 

First Birthday Party

That’s a delicious carrot cake (with cream cheese filling), on the bottom. And, a strawberry (with strawberry cream filling), on the top! 

Aside from the paper products and plastic table cloth, I got everything else off of Amazon. Such as these adorable party favor boxes with bow ties and regular ties.

I also got a bunch of first birthday paraphernalia  along with Baby Blue’s outfit (and onesie) from Amazon! 

This photo below, is kinda funny, but not. After singing Happy Birthday, we gave Baby Blue his first (whole) piece of cake. Guess what? He was NOT having it. At this point, I am thinking to myself, “I hope he’s ok.” He was a little “off” yesterday. I was the only one who noticed it. Turns out, by the end of the night, he had a slight fever, that we needed to tend to. Thankfully, he was fine before he went to bed. But, it’s kinda funny to see a one year old want nothing to do with his own slice of cake! (I ended up eating it for him!)

Speaking of cake, I thought this photo (below) was so cute! Our nephews all blowing out the candles for Blue. 

Scott and I decided to go “comfy-casual” for Blue’s party. We don’t do this (like ever) but we actually pulled off a matching look. Baby Blue. Get it? For Baby BLUE! 

Overall, Baby Blue’s Birthday party was very special. I know he’s too little to know what just happened, but I pray for the day I can show him his first year of life. And, how special it was!

Rachel Scheyer


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