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I’ve been an Amazon fan, for many years now. Especially having a PRIME membership. I can now get things that I want and need, quickly without paying high shipping costs. So, whenever I find some really awesome fashion pieces on Amazon, I am twice as excited! In this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favorite Amazon Summer Fashion Picks, for 2019.

Bathing Suits

Have you ever been invited to a pool party before realizing that you’re uncomfortable with your current bathing suit situation? I know I have! Most of us do not enjoy physically shopping for bathing suits! I don’t know what it is, but those dressing room mirrors are so unflattering. I like giving Amazon Prime a chance, when it comes to things like this, since I know I’ll get the item fast. And, returning it is simple, just in case.

Check out these two suits, I got from Amazon! They’re prettier in person.

Amazon Fashion Picks
Cute. I’m a little shy. Girly.
Amazon Fashion Picks
Modestly sexy.

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Tops & Shorts

Amazon Fashion Picks Summer 2019

How cute is this off-the-shoulder top!? I love how it has two long center pieces of fabric to very easily knot! It comes in a bunch of designs, and it’s super affordable!

These denim shorts have a little bit of a stretch to them. They comes in a few colors.

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Amazon Fashion Picks Summer 2019
These are so comfortable!

Have you ever heard of Plaka Sandals? They have ridiculous, high ratings on Amazon! They are so comfy and cute! Some days, I want to wear something a little more than a thong flip-flop. These, in my opinion, are the next step up. Still perfect for the beach and pool. Yet, also good for summer, day-to-day, just going places!

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The no-buckle belt!

Where has this been all of my life!? Yes, I do love a cool, belt buckle, with some outfits. But, there are times that I don’t want the extra bulge of a buckle on my belt! (Especially when I’m not tucking in a shirt.) This is such a genius idea. It’s elastic. So, it fulfills the same purpose as a standard belt. It’s even pretty chic looking. I had to include this, with my Amazon summer fashion picks.

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Amazon Summer Fashion Picks
Amazon Fashion Picks

There you have it. Some of my favorite, Amazon Fashion Picks for the summer! How have you been making out, with shopping on Amazon? Have you found any great fashion pieces? If so, share tell me about it in the comment section below!

Rachel Scheyer

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