Rachel Maria

Welcome to Living Extraordinary (LE) Woman!

My name is Rachel Maria Scheyer. I live in New Jersey with my husband, Scott. In December 2014, we moved into The House on High Street  (a 200-year old Historic Home which we completely renovated). We have since then started fostering babies in hopes to adopt, someday! 

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. After spending most of my adult years suffering with one chronic health issue after another. I was tempted to stop praying for the desires of my heart, but thankfully, I did something different. I made a choice to live an extraordinary life, regardless of my circumstances. Since then, I decided to utilize my god-given talents, education, and experience to help others enrich their lifestyle! On a budget. With or without health issues. Married or single. Old or young. Anyone can choose to live an extraordinary lifestyle! 

I love to share ideas and inspiration to help others live an extraordinary life, regardless of their circumstances. I write about everything I’m passionate about: Faith, Home, Food, Fostering, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Health, and Travel & Leisure. If you’re looking for inspiration in any of these areas, you are in the right place!

On a lighter note, here are three interesting things about me.

1.) I’m crazy about babies and kids. I was a teacher before I started LE Woman. There is still that teacher in my heart. Blogging, in my opinion, is a form of teaching.

2.) I love to travel but I hate (H-A-T-E) flying! Oh my gosh. Flying gives me such anxiety. But, I love exploring new places, seeing God’s beautiful creation and man’s historical wonders, and experiencing other cultures. 

3.) I love fashion and fitness, but I love to EAT! I can probably can eat more than any girl you know! I may not be skinny, but I try to maintain balance by at least making good food choices and exercising regularly. 

LE Woman is meant to be a helpful, inspirational, and encouraging resource for you. I truly hope that you will choose to live extraordinary with me. I hope we meet someday. And I hope that your future goes beyond the desires of your heart!