5 Swimsuit Styles to Compliment Your Curves

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Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two. But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do(Meghan Trainor) One of my favorite songs of the decade, and perhaps your’s too. Yet, we’re still left with the common reality and greatest hope: Having curves and Looking great in a swimsuit. Respectively. 

I hate to think those who do wear a size two would even be reading this post, but I trust that if you really and truly have curves, you’ll want to wear swimsuits that compliment those god-given assets. (For the record, my husband would be miserable if I lost my curves.) 

It only takes the right style, partnered with the right fabric, to help one celebrate her shape. And, yes, swimsuits that are made with quality fabric can run closer to $300. But, we’re talking swimsuits. The only piece of your wardrobe that you wear, and expose the most skin, in public! Trust me. This is not the fashion piece you want to prioritize buying on sale. If you can find a swimsuit that makes you feel confident, get it! It’s worth the price tag. 

So, without further ado, here are 5 Swimsuit Styles to Compliment Your Curves.

1.) Plunging Neck-Line. If you’re pear shaped, this is ideal for you. It’ll take the emphasis off of your lower half and demand applause for your upper half. 

swimsuit curves women

Here are a bunch of examples to choose from:

2.) Rouched. This style technique is simply a gathering of fabric. It can strategically cover a belly bulge. So, this style is perfect if you are fuller in the middle or wherever the rouched fabric falls. 
Swimsuit curvy women


3.) Cutouts. The cutouts show just enough skin without showing too much. Perfect for curvy yet toned bodies. It’s just the right amount of sexy. And, if you’re mindful on where those cutouts fall, you can choose what parts you feel most confident to reveal. Not to mention, it’s the perfect in-between for those of us who like bikinis but want to be a bit more modest. 


4.) Black Swimsuits. Ok, a no-brainer. Black is always the go-to color to help us appear leaner. A black swimsuit will surely help flatter your figure and compliment your curves. 

swimsuit curvy women

5.) Tropical. Floral. Ok, hear me out. I think a feminine print (aka floral) adds softness to your overall look. It just goes hand-in-hand with curves, because curves are feminine! So don’t be afraid to go for a floral print! 
swimsuit curvy women

Swimsuit Curvy Women
Well, there you have it. Five swimsuit styles to compliment your curves. What’s your favorite style?
Rachel Scheyer

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