Instant Pot Chili

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I am really loving my recently purchased Instant Pot! I’ve already made several dishes such as Butter Chicken, Stuffed Cabbage, Cajun Chicken Pasta, and Short Ribs. Everything was made in record time and came out delicious and tender. Last night I made chili in my Instant Pot. It was the first time I made it, my way, using this amazing piece of machinery. Scott and I were so impressed with how delicious the chili turned out. Even Baby Blue loved it. (The beans, anyway.) And, aside from ingredients, there’s only one pot to clean, after. So, of course, I’m sharing my Instant Pot Chili Recipe, with you! 

Popular Tech Products of 2018

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I’m on a roll creating gift guides for the 2018 holiday season! Most recently, I’ve been doing research on some of the most popular tech products (of 2018), with the highest ratings. What do they all have in common? They all require recharging. And, they all add a little extra (information, a service, simplicity, etc.) to our lifestyles. Turns out, most of these items could be well suited for even the non-techie person, in your life. I know that I’ll be adding some of these popular tech products, to my holiday shopping list, for certain! 

Long Weekend in Vegas ~ Here's How We Spent our 72 Hours!

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Scott and I just got home from a long weekend in Las Vegas. He surprised me with Celine Dion tickets, for my birthday. (Back in September.) I was a little concerned that it would be too much to travel to Las Vegas for a concert. Neither one of us wanted to spend too much money or run out of time to get our money’s worth. So, we agreed on the highlights we both wanted to see and do, and took it from there. Best of all? We did not break the bank. So, before you head out to Vegas for a long weekend, have a look to see how we spent our 72 hours! 

Unique and Special Gift Ideas for the Hostess

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My mom always taught me, Never go to someone’s home empty handed! I will admit, I haven’t always been as creative nor even as thoughtful as I’d have liked. Too often, I’ll just grab a bottle of wine, which is always a safe way to go. (Even if the host does not drink it, she will have it on hand for guests.) Ideally, I like to bring something homemade. But, I don’t always have time for that. Lately, if and when I see something priced well or on sale that I like, I’ll grab it and keep it on hand. In this post, I’m going to share some gift ideas for the hostess that are unique and special! And, not too expensive.

Fall Favorites ~ 2018

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Hey Girlies! Last Fall, I started (or at least attempted to start) a seasonal blog post containing my current, favorite things. Somehow, it dropped off my radar. So I never did post a winter, spring, nor summer post. SORRY! If you recall, Baby Blue arrived last fall. And, we still had Baby Berry for a few months. I think that about explains itself. LOL So, here we go again. I’m sharing my favorite things, this season. From food items to home decor, my favorite book, DUPES, beauty and fashion items, baby products, and more. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Food & Home, Rachel Maria's Recipes

The past two Sundays have been eventful at The House on High Street. We hosted an intimate football gathering followed by Baby Blue’s First Birthday Party. For both, I prepared a delicious buffalo chicken dip as an appetizer. I went through dozens of recipes for this. (There are a ton of them!) But, you know me. I like to make things my way. I have a fairly good success rate at making it just right. So, unless my family and friends were just trying not to hurt my feelings, this Buffalo Chicken Dip is one of the best recipes around!

Let's Get Cozy ~ Cozy Home Decor Ideas

Food & Home

Over the past few weeks, Scott and I have been putting a lot of time into The House on High Street. Not sure if it’s the same with everyone, but since we are not indoors as much during the summer, home projects are not on my priority list. The temperatures are finally beginning to drop. The holiday season is approaching. We’ll all be spending more time indoors. Now is the perfect time to give our living spaces a little more TLC. Believe it or not, it only takes a few home decor accents to make things COZY! 

I recall the first time I set foot in the House on High Street. A three-story, two-hundred year old home, with 12-foot ceilings, and decades worth of neglect. This was a huge difference to the one and two bedroom condos Scott and I lived in, prior. They were fairly easy to make cozy! I had confidence in the vision we shared in our renovation, decor, and design. But, I was concerned that a house of this size would never be cozy enough to feel like a home. 

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