President Trump’s Accomplishments 1/20/2017-1/1/2020

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When Donald J. Trump was elected to the Presidency in November of 2016, it was on a promise to put Americans first. He resolved to make this nation once again powerful and secure. To reduce the challenges facing Americans disadvantaged by race, economic hardship, and other barriers of oppression. He promised to repair damage done to the economy by decades of short-sighted policies, and to make this nation a place where every citizen can realize big dreams. He promised to Make America Great Again. So, let’s take a look at Trump’s accomplishments.

Trump & Covid19 ~ THE FACTS!

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We hear all of the time: President Trump has failed us on the Covid-19 pandemic. Is that really true? What has he done? Are these accusations based in fact? The truth is that President Trump has done so much to assist us during this pandemic that the media simply isn’t covering. These actions range from policies to fast-track research and development of treatments, to economic support. Let’s get into it. 

Interview with a Walkaway Democrat

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The following is the transcript from an interview with Bailey. A registered Democrat, and US Citizen, who has recently decided to walk away from the Democratic Party. She is among thousands of registered democrats, that are waking up during this election year. And, coincidently a year of turmoil for our country.

Will the REAL Kamala Harris Stand Up?

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“It was JUST a debate!” These are the words of Kamala Harris, just a few weeks ago. Here she is retracting her behavior and “arguments” on the public debate stage. Specifically, Harris was asked by Stephen Colbert, “Why did you call Joe Biden a racist…” and “I’m assuming you do NOT feel this way?” (sarcastic laugh) Many Americans have also noticed that the INTERNET appears “cleaned up” on information pertaining to Kamala Harris. So, we’d like to ask: “Will the REAL Kamala Harris Stand UP?

Censorship is a BIPARTISAN ISSUE!

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Ask anyone who publishes conservative content on the internet, if they have experienced fair treatment, and you will get a resounding NO. If you don’t believe this, try sharing a a different perspective from the Liberal Left’s agenda, on Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram). Eventually, your content post will be replaced with a “This content has been removed” warning. That’s best case scenario.

Conservative Content Creators are constantly getting their accounts banned on social media platforms, across the board. If you’re a liberal and you think this does not affect you, you are sorely mistaken. At the rate we’re going, there may come a time in which you are force fed information with no freedom to think for yourself, ask questions, or even hold someone else accountable.

Enough with the Fraud ~ It's Your Right to Vote!

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So, you can go to Target or your local grocery store, so long as you wear a mask. We’ve been doing this for over six months, and yet the Democrats are pushing for universal mail-in voting. Another massive overhaul that will cost more time and money than the democrats will admit. Yet, in spite of democrats saying for themselves (on record, in the past) that this form of voting is not safe to our democracy...many Americans are recognizing someone is tampering with their RIGHT TO VOTE.

MORE MEDIA Brainwashing ~ The Brothers of TWO PRESIDENTS

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In this post, let’s look at the way The Washington Post headlines articles and uses pick-and-choose sources to push a particular narrative.

Yesterday, President Trump’s younger brother, Robert, died. Trump issued a personal statement:

It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight,” Donald Trump said in a statement. “He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.

But, it didn’t take long for the Washington Post to turn the president’s loss into a Media Brainwashing opportunity. Read the headline, carefully…

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