"Why Did You Become a Foster Parent?"

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“You’re an angel from heaven…” “You’re such a strong woman…” “I could never do what you do…” “There’s a special place in heaven for people like you…”

Just a few of the flattering remarks I’ve heard. Ever since we said, “I DO”, to becoming foster parents. Honestly? I thought, at the very least, I was a strong woman. Maybe, even a strong Christian. Until I became a foster parent. 

A Fashionista's "Dream Christmas List"

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I know we are gearing up to start our Holiday shopping, if we haven’t already begun, yet. Something Scott and I like to do, that makes our shopping a lot less stressful, is to provide one another with a bunch of ideas on what we would like. I highly recommend for you, ladies, to consider this. We can just call it, A Fashionista’s Dream Christmas List. Unless of course, your husband, is amongst the 2% of men who are able to buy gifts for their wives, that will actually be used and not returned! (I made up that statistic, but I bet I’m close.)

Thanksgiving Countdown

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So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving, this year? Congratulations! Or, shall we say, Good Luck? Last year was our first Thanksgiving at The House on High Street. I remember feeling excited and nervous. Thankfully, it was a success. I think the best advice I can give you is to plan ahead and pace yourself. I actually created my own Thanksgiving Countdown! So, here are some tips for you in preparing for one of the greatest holidays, ever. Have fun!

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